Strike a Nerve by Drowning Pool

Drowning Pool is ready to Strike a Nerve with the highly anticipated release of their seventh studio album which drops on September 30th.

For fans of Drowning Pool, it’s been a long six years since the band’s last album Hallelujah. The band has been together for an impressive twenty-six years which fuels the passion, energy, drive, and raw emotion behind every track of Strike a Nerve.

Written and recorded before the world shut down, Strike a Nerve has been marinating, aging like an angry wine, letting the events of the world enhance every hard-hitting power chord and soul-piercing lyric. For anyone with feelings of rage, frustration, or unrest, your hard rock healers and scream-aloud shrinks are here with 11 terrifyingly therapeutic tracks to help you work through your emotions.

After the intro track “Doing Time in Hell,” we get right into the down and dirty that Drowning Pool is known for with “Hate Against Hate.” It only takes 11 seconds for the track to kick off with the hard-hitting drums and fast power chords, quickly joined by Jasen Moreno’s dynamic vocals that instantly soothe metal lovers’ angsty souls. Next up is “Stay and Bleed,” which hooks listeners from the first moment the kick drum pounds in your ears. No doubt this will be a crowd favorite to bang their heads to. With its screaming warning “You do you and I’ll do me, now stay the f**k away from me,” there’s no mistaking that Drowning Pool isn’t here to play with this album.

With the title track “Strike A Nerve,” listeners don’t have to decipher the band’s message of frustration with lyrics like ”I strike a nerve, if I breathe a word,” in an industry that can feel suffocating and oppressive, especially for bands who walk a fine line, our outspoken four-some show no remorse or intentions on holding back with their message to the world with statements like this. 

Starting off slow before hitting the gas, fans are treated to “Racing to a Redlight,” with haunting lyrics accelerating to powerful choruses that offer scream-it-back chants, this track is sure to be another fan favorite. Then, with breakneck bangers we have “Choke” and “Down In the Dirt,” broken up by an emotion-filled ballad, “Everything But You.” These tracks take listeners through the range of raw feelings of a band that has had more than their fair share of trials and isn’t afraid to work through all of those pains with every second of this album.

With anger, aggression, and anxiety, “Rope” flies by in just under three minutes of heart-pounding adrenaline. This rolls listeners right into “A Devil More Damned,” an unapologetic anthem with lyrics like “All my sins have been worthwhile,” this track feels like an exposé, revealing “Every sinner has a future, every saint has a past,” and no matter where you fall on that spectrum this intense and threatening track, at just under five minutes, leaves you on-edge and wanting more.  

Closing out the album is “Mind Right,” which starts off more as an introduction, letting listeners know “I was born into this world to dominate,” which is exactly what Drowning Pool intends to do with this album. From start to finish fans are sure to appreciate the unsettling comfort of this new but familiar album.

Don’t miss Strike a Nerve available everywhere on September 30th, and catch Drowning Pool live on tour through October 16th. 

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