Health at A&R Music Bar in Columbus, OH

The A&R Music Bar opened their garage doors to the outside patio for the first time in two years for Health’s Dark Territory Tour.

You could hear the music clearly just two city blocks away. The venue was full, but not quite a sold-out show. A young audience was present, with a few old soldiers of electronic and industrial rock in attendance. In this space, gothic sensibilities were revived. People were in all black, studded everything, and one person with an 18-inch, fire-orange mohawk. Audience members were also adorned with trucker hats, NIN tees, and one “pure f***ing evil” self-made hoodie. One woman wore a hat purchased from the Renaissance festival that you would not expect to see outside of the Renaissance festival. They were all iconoclasts in their own right, just like the bands.

Blind Equation had such a short but powerful set, a man walked up to the box office, pointed behind him to the bar next door, and simply said, “I want a ticket to that.” On a whim, he purchased a ticket but only got to see them perform their last song. The Health Discord page even mentioned how great their energy was. Listening to their studio release, they are a mix of metalcore and chiptune. During their live performance, the 8-bit melodies were inaudible.

20 minutes later, Author and Punisher was on stage offering the same impressive head-banging, aural stage drama. Tristan Shone had a mic that covered nearly half of his face and was surrounded by electronic controllers and drone machines. Many of these instruments you can see him explain and make on YouTube. His touring guitarist was there not only to provide seven-string accompaniment but also to engage the audience while Tristan worked things out on his drone machines. The genre art metal is nowhere more clearly defined. This was truly the sound of science.

Health entered the stage to “Cruel Angel’s Thesis,” the anime theme song for Neon Genesis Evangelion. What was once a four-piece, has been a three-piece touring band since 2015. Jake Duzsik, John Famiglietti, and BJ Miller on vocals, bass, and drums have all held their post since inception respectfully. With a URL like, merch that says “Sad songs for horny people,” and a sound that can either lull you to sleep or get your heart racing, Health’s message is an enigma. They held a drawing in 2008 for a flight to Six Flags Magic Mountain with the band. Other prizes were vinyl signed in blood. The contrast is as stark as their stage lighting. That is the juxtaposition, and that is their music. It is whimsical and calculated. Sonically, what sets them apart from the previous two bands’ hard-hitting sound is their drum-centric movements and Jake Duzsik’s delicate voice. It is all dark and beautiful.

Health is continuing their Dark Territory Tour in the US through mid-May, with two stops across the pond in August.

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