Cannibal Corpse at The Senate in Columbia, SC

Cannibal Corpse brought an electric heavy metal show to a headbanging crowd at The Senate in Columbia, South Carolina.

First to take the stage was 200 Stab Wounds, stepping on stage as roars erupted from the excited crowd. The death metal band was in Ohio in 2019, with one 2020 EP and a full-length album released in 2021.  

The headbanging started right with the first note of the night. The crowd was obviously ecstatic to be there, and 200 Stab Wounds did a fantastic job of warming them up.  Their 35-minute set left audiences craving more. 

Next to the stage was Sanguisugabogg after a quick 20-minute set change. This second death metal band was also formed in Ohio, just three years ago in 2019. Releasing their first full-length album in 2021 and booking an impressive nationwide tour opening for Cannibal Corpse. Their success hasn’t gone unnoticed.  

Lead vocalist Devin Swank asked the audience to flex, before telling them to “open this floor up,” making room for the first of many pits. The hair was flying and the crowd loved every second of it. The stage presence of the band was impressive as they exchanged banter with the crowd and danced throughout their 40-minute set.  

The crowd went crazy as Cannibal Corpse took to the stage. The legendary death metal band was formed in Buffalo, New York. Since 1988, they’ve been producing iconic music that helped form death metal as we know it today. With 34 years of experience, these guys still know how to bring the energy.  

With a circle pit taking up half of the general admission floor, and hair flying everywhere, it was no question that the crowd was digging what they were hearing. Opening with their 2006 hit, “The Time To Kill Is Now,” the mood was appropriately set right off the bat. The circle pit opened immediately as the floor made room and temperatures skyrocketed.  

Their setlist contained hits both new and old, appealing to the wide range of ages in the crowd. Lead singer George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher even gave a special shoutout to the women in the room. Dedicating a song to them, he pointed out that he’s done that every stop of the tour and this is the loudest they have ever responded. He thanked the “about 25 women in the room” and carried on with the set. The diversity of the crowd was refreshing to see and, hopefully, inclusion in the metal community only continues to improve. 

The musicianship of each of the band members is impossible to miss. From the tight riffs to guitar shreds and pounding complicated drum fills. The experience of this band is apparent, with each member bringing their own individual talent, coming together perfectly. After 30+ years of shows, the musical chemistry between individual members is locked in. They know what to expect, and how to execute to perfection.  

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