Alesana at Level 13 in Orlando, FL

Level 13  welcomed The Trilogy Tour: Part II A Place Where the Sun is Silent featuring Alesana, Limbs, Vampires Everywhere!, and Across The White Water Tower. 

Across the White Water Tower was the first to take the stage. The metalcore band from Rockland County, NY  gave a high-energy and animated performance. Matt Sosa (vocalist) was all over the stage and even in the middle of the crowd mid-set.  The highly anticipated set included some fan favorites like their new song “This is Where the Light Ends,” “Killing Harmony,” and “Anxiety (The Things That Kill Me).” Matt Sosa (vocalist) gave a shout-out to the tour and fans for coming out to the show keeping the crowd hyped up and ready for more as their set came to an end. If you’re a fan of Alesana, you need to keep an out for Across the White Water Towers’ new music.  

The stage turned red and the venue lights when down as Vampires Everywhere! stepped out onto the stage. They set the vibe to make you feel like you’ve just walked in on some sort of scene from the movie The Lost Boys or Queen of The Damned. The circle pits were nonstop as the band played their short but great setlist. The band’s discography has songs that bring you back to the vampire movie era with a mix of metal music similar to bands like Get Scared and Eyes Set To Kill. Michael Vampire (vocalist) gave a great performance using his tight vocals and interacting with the crowd keeping spirits high. The band has been generating some massive attention since starting to make music again in 2021 and now adding Alesana to the list of amazing artists they’ve toured with over the years. 

All you need to know about Limbs is they don’t disappoint a room full of people. The crowd was packed when they took the stage with a circle pit already forming in the middle of the room. Cheers were erupting as they walked out and jumped right into the performance. The post-hardcore and metalcore band originated from Florida so you can see how they had fans in the crowd already. This act was a great support addition to the tour with their post-hardcore sound. The lighting department put on a fun light show which lit up the room in greens, blues, and purples. Limbs played many of their top songs such as “Coma Year,” “Vertigo,” and “If I Go Before You” from their album Coma Year.

Nearly 20 years into their career, Alesana has given crowds of metal and post-hardcore fans countless shows. Since 2004, Alesana has created a large discography that has given them so many songs to create a killer setlist. Shawn Milke (guitarist/vocalist) walked out first and began playing a solo. The lights started to flicker with anticipation of Dennis Lee (frontman), Patrick Thompson (guitarist), Jake Campbell (guitarist), Shane Crump (bassist), and Jeremy Bryan (drummer) beginning the set with ” The Dark Wood Of Error.” As A Place Where The Sun is Silent was played in its entirety, the sea of scene and elder emos were united in screaming the lyrics in the air. The audience’s adrenaline was high from the beginning to what people thought was the end. 

As the crowd chanted “encore” repeatedly, they stepped out and gave the Orlando crowd “The Murderer” from The Emptiness from 2010 and “Apology” from On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax from 2007. Dennis Lee’s vocals have got better and better over the years. You can see why so many bands who have started throughout the years aspire to be similar to Alesana. 

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