Interview with Christina Chriss of Kaleido

Kaleido takes all of our favorite genres and packs them into a punch and delivers in their music and live performance.

Kaleido are a proud Michigan-based band that comes from all sorts of different personalities and music. Christina Chriss, the frontwoman, sits down with Loud Hailer to discuss the new single, future music, and a ton more in this packed interview.

LH: So you are on tour right now with September Mourning that started on the 17th of August. How has the response been from the fans so far, and are you having a good time?
Christina: It’s been incredible so far. We’ve done three shows. We are on our way to Massachusetts for the next one. Every single one has been badass. The response has been amazing, it’s a really great tour package and we are having a blast!
LH: The one thing I love about you guys is that you can appeal to any audience, you have a rock element. How does it feel to present such an amazing package to an audience that may not be familiar with all the genres that you guys bring to the table?
Christina: Thanks for that! That’s something really special about our band is that we go over really well with just about any type of music that is on the bill. It’s kind of something for anybody and we combine our individual influences and create the sound of Kaleido. So, it’s cool because we can fit really anywhere and it works. We have a really dynamic explosive live show that always goes over really well. It’s cool because we get a great response from all the people. It’s not just one demographic that is drawn to us it’s all across the board, which I think is really special because at the end of the day we want to reach people’s hearts with our the music and the more people we bring it to, the better.
LH: How exactly did the formation of such a diverse band like Kaleido come about?
Christina: Well, it was extremely organic. We just kind of met each other. You know, fate just kind of brought us together. We were just all in the scene of music. You know, we were all friends at one time, but we all come from very different backgrounds musically. So, when we got together, we just clicked. We all had a lot to offer and a lot to bring to the table. So when we get together it is just takes on its own thing. We don’t force anything. It just seems to come naturally.
LH: You’re new single “My Enemy” came out. For fans, what can they expect in this new single and what would allow new fans to be brought in?
Christina: This new single is a lot deeper and a lot more personal. It’s really showing the evolution and growth of the band and so I think that people that have listened to our music thus far and even new listeners as well can expect a song that they will be able to relate to. I think it will hit close to home and I think it will bring out emotions that people have felt at one point or another in their life.
LH You guys also have a video for the new single as well. One thing I noticed when checking you guys out was that you look like you have a ton of fun when making a music video and are good at bringing out the best imagery for the song. So what can people expect from the video?
Christina: Thank you for that! It’s really simplistic; we wanted to come across clear. We didn’t want too much going on in the video. We wanted it to be easy to take in while also being able to capture some beautiful scenery in our home state of Michigan, which I found to be the most appropriate backdrop because it’s what we like to do and what we have fun in, because this world is crazy with social media and everything that’s going on. We just want to get back to your center, leaving it all behind, and spending some time in nature. You know, hashing out all your problems and dealing with your demons. That’s where we went to do the video because that would be the best way to portray the song.

LH: With the recording process, with releasing two EPs and a full-length having been together six years, does the recording process get easier or more difficult as time progresses?
Christina: Absolutely, we feel more comfortable now having recorded all that music. We still are trying to improve ourselves and make ourselves better every day of our lives and so there’s always a little bit of anxiety going into the studio because you’re just anxious to make the best thing you’ve ever created. You just want to one-up yourself. At least, that’s my mentality. We are always excited, the new music we have is deeper and darker. It’s showing a different side of us and I’m excited to get into the studio and finish up an EP or a full-length, we are not quite sure yet. We are just going to get these songs recorded and happy to check things off starting with “My Enemy”and just show where were going and also gets some new music out since 2017.
LH: You guys seem to put an emphasis on releasing music videos. Do you think music videos as a whole did have an impact on the music industry and the fact that they are not shown as widely now, has an impact on the industry? I love music videos, personally!
Christina: Yeah, me too! I’m excited to get this one out with a music video to go along with it, because I think the visuals are very important to put alongside the music, you know? The song has to be great, but then it’s also to have imagery to go along with it, but I think the birth of music videos and MTV, TRL, and all that stuff had a big influence on pop culture and the even the world. The evolution of the music video just became so important it was almost like bigger than the song because of the budgets and stuff that were put into it. I think music videos have been impactful on the music industry and I think today, with YouTube, it’s even easier to get them out to the masses.
LH: Speaking a little more on the music video, you guys have a few, so I’m really curious. Which music video did you guys have the most fun as a band filming?
Christina: “Trouble in Paradise” was by far the most fun. We shot it at a private beach at a private home in Key West, Florida, which was really beautiful. We shot it over the span of about three days. So, it was like a vacation as well as a work trip. The whole experience of that was by far my favorite, personally. Each video has its own special thing about it that was fun. To be able to use your artistic abilities and to be able to create in different ways and put some imagery to the music and use that to express what you’re trying to express on the song.
LH: With so many awesome songs, how do you guys make a setlist and why should people stop to see a Kaleido set?
Christina: Depending on the length of our set, that has to do with what songs we are going to play. We usually start off with a bang with a song that would make you want to punch someone in the face. The live show is really a staple for Kaleido. We usually play crowd favorites, the ones that we know people want to sing along to, but then we also like to drop new stuff that we are excited about to get our fans excited about it as well. Stage presence and performance is definitely a huge part of this band and we are known for a live show and I think it’s something you’ll want to check out. It’s unlike anything else that’s out there right now, considering the type of band we are and the songs we have right now. So, it’s a “don’t miss” type of thing.

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