Interview with Ben Jaffe

Ben Jaffe stopped in for an always enjoyable catch up during which we discussed his new album, the writing process, and touring with Kacey Musgraves.  

The last time we caught up with Ben Jaffe was in early 2021, when life hadn’t quite returned to normal after the Covid restrictions and we were all slowly starting to emerge back into the world. Before the pandemic, Ben was finishing up his new album, Enlightenment with Bill.E. Unfortunately, due to the lockdown he didn’t get the chance to perform it for live audiences. He did, however, embark on a series of “Soothing Streams” in which he performed some of the tracks from the album with assistance from some of his talented friends. Enlightenment with Bill.E, along with four singles, has now been formally released into the world and Ben has been back on the road touring behind it recently. That was, however, after he finished an arena tour as a member of Kacey Musgraves’ band.  

We discussed how Enlightenment with Bill.E has been received, how the opportunity to play with Kacey Musgraves arose, and how he managed to master a Ron Burgundy-esque jazz flute solo for the gig after never having picked up the instrument before. 

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