Interview with Aaron Lee Tasjan

Aaron Lee Tasjan was kind enough to jump on Zoom recently to speak with us about new album Stellar Evolution.

We initially came across Aaron Lee Tasjan a few years ago when he was pulling double duty on a Butch Walker tour, as support act and on guitar in Butch’s band. After seeing him at that show we immediately went out and acquired his back catalogue so it was a real treat to get to speak to him about his upcoming release Stellar Evolution.

The album really is an amazing achievement because, whilst it is impossible to tie it down to a particular genre category musically, the songs fit together perfectly to create a beautiful and evocative piece of work. During the interview, we spoke about how Aaron’s writing was influenced by some of the dark times/events the queer community in the South have had to deal with recently, mixed in with some of his personal formative experiences. We also spoke about the thought process behind writing an album that, musically, is not bound by the rules that may be applicable to any one genre. 

Stellar Evolution will be released on April 12 and we would strongly suggest you buy the album (preferably on vinyl) and then get out to support Aaron as he heads out on tour over the next weeks and months.

Check out our interview with Aaron below and be sure to head to our YouTube channel and give us a follow! 

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