The Verve Pipe at Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit, MI

The Verve Pipe makes “Headlines“ with a “Crash Landing“ right into the great Saint Andrews Hall of Metro Detroit.

Once upon a cold and wintry Michigan night, hundreds upon hundreds of concert-going music lovers have trekked across the urban tundra of the mighty mitten to pack themselves into a “Sold-Out” Saint Andrews Hall to celebrate a special kind of Michigan born and brewed music. They have also come from Ohio, Indiana, and even across international borders to spend a Saturday night with legendary West Michigan rockers, The Verve Pipe, and what would be a most memorable performance in one of Detroit’s most iconic rock venues. Tonight, we see a very diverse crowd of young and old, male and female, who are standing patiently in massive lines to gain entrance to this musical Valhalla. This is a standing room only event, and it’s earned the title to the nth degree, as the phenomenally well-behaved crowd continues to pile in, just moments before our stage time.

11:00pm sharp and The Verve Pipe takes to the stage, strapping into their instruments, and ready to make oh so sweet, musical headlines. Frontman, OG, and lead vocalist Brian Vander Ark appears from behind the curtains of stage left, and the crowd comes to life with a roar of anticipative energies. Brian, now sporting a longer and seasoned beard of salt and pepper, a well-groomed hairdo, and looking very much the distinguished GQ gent, shoots his child-like smile to the roaring hall of fellow Michiganders. The night is underway and The Verve Pipe is here to deliver.

Michigan gets all the treats, from “Cup Of Tea“ to “(Don’t Fear)The Reaper.“ Veteran guitarist, Lou Musa has brought a tone that is vintage and crisp as he grinds on a vintage Fender Telecaster through the classic riffs of The Verve Pipe’s musical history. Vander Ark’s vocals are powerful and on point as the night presses on with “Veneer,” “Photograph,“ and “Never Let You Down.” Next up, “Spoonful Of Sugar“ and ”Out Like A Lamb“ shows what a pleasant and melodic complement that Channing Lee’s backing vocals and harmonies add to The Pipe. The classic track “Villians” is well-received as the crowd grooves to the jam, and it is followed with the ever so fun “F Word.“ Our rhythm section of Joel Ferguson on bass and Randy Sly on the drums are working hard, keeping the groove tight and in the pocket throughout the night.

And then… the fans go BAT SHIT crazy as those ohhh so familiar notes of “The Freshman“ bowl through the crowd. A quick scan of the venue and we see the bar staff, the security staff, the photographers and both floors of fans singing in unison with Vander Ark’s legendary lyrics … “When I was young I knew everything…” Changing gears, The Verve Pipe brings the night to a pre-emptive end with the feel-good “Happiness Is.“ The last notes ring out, stage lights dim… but wait, a ruse is afoot. The Verve Pipe returns to center stage, and delivers double dose encore of “Supergig“ followed by “Long Way Home.“

The Verve Pipe comes as a fantastic, feel-good concert experience, that is a must-see. It even comes with a guarantee to have you singing along to those nostalgic moments of your musical yester-year. Let’s not forget, you get a great dose of true Michigan rock ‘n’ roll! Don’t miss out on a chance to get a hit off The Pipe! Catch them live and in person…on tour now! Check the band’s official website for further details in concert updates.

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