Sure Sure at The Foundry in Philadelphia, PA

Sure Sure and Wilderado came to Philadelphia’s The Foundry located in The Fillmore for a great night of music. 

It was Wilderado‘s third show in Philly. Last time they were in town, they played at The Foundry with the Blossoms and before then Theatre of Living Arts with Ryan Bingham. The band from Tulsa, OK recently released their EP Favors and opened their set with the title track “Your Don’t Love Me.” Maxim asked the crowd if anyone has seen them live before and a few people cheered, but it seemed like it was many people’s first time. Maxim joked that they’ve lost fans since their last Philly show. After a few more songs, he said “This is a cool thing we do. We are a long way from home. Those of you who know the words, that’s really cool. If we’re just meeting you, that’s totally fine. We are out with an incredible band, Sure Sure, and they’re really good. They’re really f**king good.”

Their nine song set included “Sorrow” and “Favors” from their EP Favors, which came out in May. At the end of their set, they thanked the crowd for coming along and singing, and mentioned that they were going to hang by the merch table afterwards. They closed out with “Siren” and ended on a positive note of “Bless you guys and be good to each other. Thank you for listening to our music. It means the world to us.”

After a quick equipment change, Sure Sure from Los Angeles, CA came on stage and began their set with their title track “Giants” from their self titled LP. Charlie Glick, the guitarist and singer, told the crowd “Earlier we were joking about the Philly wiggle. That’s what you do in Philly- you wiggle around a lot. I was wiggling around too much and my guitar strap fell off.”

Their 12 song set included many songs from their LP like “Friends” and “This Must Be The Place.” All four band mates joked and bantered with each other between songs, and introduced a hammer as the fifth member of the band and said one song was about getting dumped at a Baja Fresh before going on to ask who’s been to a Baja Fresh recently and got dumped.

For this last song, “Hands Up Head Down”, Charlie said there are dance moves that go with it. He told the crowd, “It is three steps. You put your hands up in the air then you wave your hands around and get loose. Step two, put your head head to the ground and then step three you bounce up and down like a zombie. Put the Philly wiggle into it.”

After the song, the band went back stage and came back for an encore of “Information Machine” and “New Biome” before ending the night. They’ll be on tour with Wilderado for another month before heading out with Young The Giant in 2019. 

Be sure to check out Wilderado’s upcoming fall tour dates here, and Sure Sure’s upcoming tour dates through 2019 here.

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