Rival Sons at The Fillmore in Detroit, MI

Rival Sons made a night to remember in Detroit to promote their latest album DARKFIGHTER, perfectly defining the term “the show must go on.”

Starting the night was Los Angeles-based punk rock band Starcrawler. With their explosive energy, raucous presence, and unapologetic attitude, this band is a force to be reckoned with. Their sound is a perfect blend of vintage punk rock and garage rock, infused with a modern intensity packed with infectious hooks that leave you craving more. What sets Starcrawler apart is their sheer energy and onstage presence, with not just frontwoman Arrow de Wilde jumping into the crowd, but guitarist Henri Cash taking a shredding guitar solo right to the barricade. The show was a whirlwind of sweat, energy, and wild abandon. The guitar riffs are gritty, the bass lines pulsating, and the drums thunderous, creating a sonic landscape that serves as the perfect backdrop for de Wilde’s fierce and commanding vocals. Starcrawler is truly a band that demands to be experienced.

The Black Angels took the stage next, instantly enveloping the audience in a swirling haze of sound and visuals. Starting the set with “Without a Trace” from their 2022 album Wilderness of Mirrors, they immediately set the mood with their brooding and hypnotic sound. The stage was bathed in an array of mesmerizing visuals from swirling smoke to kaleidoscopic light patterns that danced in sync with the music. The band doesn’t talk much between songs, choosing instead to focus everything on the music, creating an immersive experience with a distinctive blend of reverb-soaked guitars, pulsating basslines, and ethereal vocals. Songs like “Entrance Song” and “A Walk on the Outside” resonated with an intensity that rumbled in your soul. Ending the show with “Empires Falling,” The Black Angels delivered an experience that was truly transcendental. Their mesmerizing soundscapes and hypnotic performance left an indelible mark on everyone in attendance.

With the crowd cheering, Rival Sons strutted onto the stage and launched into “Mirrors,” a track from their latest album DARKFIGHTER. Halfway through the song, just as Scott Holiday began his guitar solo, something in his rig went out. The band stopped and promised Detroit to give them the show they deserved as soon as the issue was fixed. The amazing road crew was in a flurry fixing the rig. In the meantime, lead vocalist Jay Buchanan brought out his guitar to serenade the crowd with an acoustic rendition of “Shooting Stars.” Soon, Holiday’s guitar roared back to life (thanks to the superheroes of a road crew) and the band jumped right back into “Mirrors.”

Buchanan commanded the stage with his soulful vocals, effortlessly transitioning from haunting croons to soaring wails. The chemistry between the band was palpable, as they locked into tight grooves and delivered thunderous riffs that rattled the venue to its core. Songs like “Nobody Wants to Die” and “Electric Man” were met with a wave of euphoria from the crowd who eagerly sang along to every word. Rival Sons’ ability to captivate and engage their audience was a testament to their mastery of the stage. Their performance was a seamless fusion of gritty blues and blistering rock, with each instrument given its moment to shine.

Holiday’s solos were impeccable as he effortlessly shredded through intricate melodies and unleashed scorching licks that left jaws on the floor. The rhythm section, consisting of bassist Dave Beste, drummer Michael Miley, and Todd Ögren on keyboards, provided an unrelenting foundation of pulsating beats and infectious grooves that kept the audience moving. A particular highlight was the outstanding drum solo by Miley during “Open My Eyes.”

As the night drew to a close, another technical issue occurred during “Darkside” with some feedback issues with Buchanan’s acoustic guitar. Ever the professionals, the band took an audience poll and restarted the song. Their raw energy, undeniable talent, and unwavering commitment to excellence made for an unforgettable concert experience. Rival Sons proved once again that they are one of the leading charges in today’s modern rock world with unbridled passion and unparalleled skill.

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