Queen + Adam Lambert at United Center in Chicago, IL

Queen and Adam Lambert returned to Chicago’s United Center with The Rhapsody Tour for two sold-out nights packed with all of the hits.

The Rhapsody Tour started back in 2019, shortly after the release of the movie, Bohemian Rhapsody. It is impressively currently on its fifth leg, and Chicago was lucky enough for it to come to town for a second time, for two nights. The audience included lifelong fans, newcomers excited to finally get to see the iconic rock royalty for the first time, and people who had travelled all of the way from the UK since there are no local dates scheduled. 

It’s startling to realize that Adam Lambert has now been collaborating with Queen for over a decade. He has well and truly been welcomed into the fold and accepted by the Queen fans as part of the band. Obviously, he will never replace Freddie Mercury, and he’s not trying to. Freddie is still very much a part of the live shows, and Lambert is clearly very respectful of his place within the band. He is also respectful of the music and the band’s legacy while adding his own personality and flourishes to the performance. It’s difficult to imagine anyone else filling this role. Throughout the show, he would step back from the spotlight, passing the chalice to either Brian May, Roger Taylor, or even the late great Freddie Mercury. This was best demonstrated during the performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody” which featured the original recordings and video. Lambert would come in to add additional vocals alongside the original version without overpowering it. 

Some of the loudest cheers of the evening went to Sir Brian May, and rightly so. It’s astounding to think that he is 76 years old. His playing was spectacular throughout the evening. He would often glance out across the crowd with the most genuine-looking smile on his face that you couldn’t help but reciprocate. All too often, the drummer of the band is hidden away at the back of the stage, barely visible to the audience. That is not the case here. Roger Taylor was given a number of times in the spotlight and even got the chance to come to the very end of the catwalk stage when a drum kit was set up front and center for him. 

Queen’s music stands the test of time, and as long as they are able to keep touring, the crowds will surely come from far and wide to see it. Selling out one night at the United Center is an impressive feat, but two nights is spectacular but also not surprising in Queen’s case. This is one of those shows where you don’t need to be a longtime fan to know the songs. In fact, most people would likely know at least 80% of the songs performed. This is a show that everyone can and will enjoy. And how can you not? It’s Queen! As we know all too well over the past few years, you never know what lies around the corner. You can’t guarantee you can catch all your favorite bands again next year. It’s taken three long years for the touring industry to be back in full swing, so if you get the chance, do not delay. Buy those tickets today. You never regret the shows you did go to see, but you will regret the shows you didn’t go to see. 

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