Norah Jones at the Huntington Bank Pavilion in Chicago, IL

Norah Jones marks Come Away With Me‘s 20th anniversary which sold more than 27 million copies making it one of the biggest-selling albums of all time. 

Despite being a rainy day, the crowds still piled into the open-air Huntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island in Chicago. This venue is perfect for those beautiful, warm, and sunny evenings as you get to listen to some beautiful music right on the shores of Lake Michigan. The rain, however, did not deter fans from turning up in hoards for an evening with Norah Jones. Luckily the rain was mostly kept at bay throughout the actual show. When it did momentarily start to drizzle, Norah addressed the crowd asking if she should speed things up, to which there was a resounding “no” in response.  

Despite being unofficially tagged as the 20th anniversary of Come Away With Me tour, Jones only actually performed four songs from the monster hit album – “Come Away With Me,” “Don’t Know Why,” “Feelin’ The Same Way,” and “Nightingale.” The evening’s setlist also comprised of a decent amount of songs from her latest studio album, Pick Me Up Off The Floor, such as “I’m Alive,” which was produced by Chicago’s own Jeff Tweedy, as well as “Hurts To Be Alone” and “This Life.” 

It must be difficult and most certainly daunting when your debut album is such a hit. There’s got to be that thought in the back of your mind of “How am I going to follow on from this?” That is unless your name is Norah Jones. While Come Away With Me achieved diamond status, her following three albums all achieved platinum status, which is no mean feat. 

As Norah’s beautiful voice swept across the pavilion as she sang “Sunrise,” the stage lights turned a golden color and you were instantly swept away to somewhere much sunnier and warmer than the rainy shores of Chicago on this drizzly evening. However, the biggest cheers of the night came when Chicago rhythm and blues, and gospel singer Mavis Staples made a surprise appearance to join both Norah and opening artist Emily King for their song, “I’ll Be Gone.” 

When Jones first strode out onto the stage, she positioned herself behind the microphone, letting her voice be her instrument. However, it wasn’t long before she took up her usual stance behind her trusty piano. Throughout the night she would alternate between playing the piano and guitar, showcasing her multiple musical talents for all to see. It’s incredible to see someone as musically proficient make it all look so effortless. Her relaxing manner was so contagious, you left at the end of the evening feeling like you’d just had the best spa day ever. 

If you want to see a performer who lives, breathes, and oozes talent, then get yourself along to catch a show on the remainder of this tour. You’ll be in awe and also possibly the most relaxed you’ve felt in your life! And hopefully, the weather works in your favor. 

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