Here Come the Mummies at Saint Andrew’s Hall in Detroit, MI

Funky Pharaohs Here Come The Mummies unleash the funk upon Saint Andrew’s Hall at the Detroit stop of their Harmonic Gravity Tour.

Opening the night was Perpetual Groove, a band renowned for their immersive and genre-defying performances. Their seamless fusion of rock, electronica, and improvisational jamming was nothing short of mesmerizing. The band is currently celebrating the 20th anniversary of their breakout album, Sweet Oblivious Antidote. Throughout the night, the foursome showcased their versatility, seamlessly blending original tracks that ranged from classic rock to electronica anthems. What truly sets this band apart is their commitment to improvisation. Each song felt like a living, breathing entity, evolving and expanding in real time.

A personal highlight was the finale of the set, an electrifying rendition of The Verve’s “Bitter Sweet Symphony,” which showcased the band’s proficiency to breathe new life into classic tracks while staying true to their signature sound. Perpetual Groove put on a show that made time seem to stand still, a reminder of the power of live music to transport us to another dimension, if only for a few magical hours.

The stage was set, the lights dimmed, and a palpable buzz of anticipation filled the air as fans of all ages craned their necklaces to the back of Saint Andrew’s Hall to catch the first glimpse of Here Come The Mummies. Soon enough, there was a deafening eruption of cheers as the band paraded through the crowd to take the stage and jumped right into “My Party.” Known for their enigmatic personas and their unique blend of funk, soul, and rock, they wasted no time in unleashing their raucous energy upon the crowd, treating the room to “Bump” and “Fenk Shui” where the crowd was guided in a line dance complete with smoke machines and innuendos.

Here Come the Mummies, a band shrouded in secrecy, are a group of world-class musicians who perform in full mummy costumes. But don’t let the band’s gimmick fool you; beneath those bandages lies a treasure trove of musical talent. The stage was set with Egyptian-themed décor, creating an atmosphere of mystical excitement that immediately draws fans into their funky, soulful world. The band’s musical prowess was on full display throughout the night. The rhythm section, anchored by the tight grooves of the drummer and bassist, laid down a foundation that was nothing short of mesmerizing. The horn section, complete with saxophones and trumpets, added a rich layer of soul, while the guitarists traded scorching solos. All this mixed with the killer vocal prowess of “Mummy Cass,” “Eddie Mummy,” “K.W. TuT,” and “Spaz” all trading off throughout the night, each belting out lyrics with charismatic energy and soulful voices.

The band’s setlist was a well-curated blend of their discography to delight new fans and the die-hard followers. Classics like “Slide On Down,” “Pants,” and “Ra Ra Ra” had the crowd dancing and singing along, while smoke and sparking grinders during “Friction” provided a fantastic spectacle.

The best moment of the night was during “Freak Flag,” which had the crowd singing along to every word and waving their own freak flags high. Other highlights were the flute beatboxing and the double saxophone solo that led into the finale of “Single Double Triple.” Never to disappoint, they of course came back for an encore of their classic “Dirty Minds.”

Here Come the Mummies have been around for over 20 years now, and have grown a stellar fan base of devoted fans. Every show is an absolute party. If you ever have the chance to witness their electrifying live show, don’t hesitate to join the party – because when Here Come the Mummies take the stage, the funk never stops, and the mummies come to life in the most magical way.

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