Davy Knowles at Brauer House in Lombard, IL

Davy Knowles draws a crowd for his adopted hometown show, filled with friends, family and lots of familiar faces.

There’s always something special when someone performs in their hometown, and this was certainly no exception. What better way to come into the weekend relaxing with friends, beer in hand, while listening to some fantastic live music. 

Davy Knowles recently secured a record deal with Mascot Label Group, a sign that the world is finally starting to sit up and take notice of this talented musician. His lyrics and sound have a maturity beyond his 32 years, and you can’t help but feel yourself pulled into the music. The moment the opening chords of “Riverbed” ring out across the room, any work worries fade as the audience feels the rhythm coarse through their veins.

No matter how many times you see Davy perform (and we’ve seen him a lot!), you can’t help but be mesmerized and in awe every time he lets rip on his guitar. His solos are the perfect blend of blues and rock, and we swear his playing gets more soulful and impressive each time! He is a genuine virtuoso, making some of the most intricate guitar work look effortless, whilst also making it perfectly fit the song. 

Knowles’ band lineup has changed over the last year, seeing Jeremy Cunningham (drums) and Tod Bowers (bass) welcomed into the fold. They produce a sound so tight, you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d played together for years, with Cunningham and Bowers reading and reacting to Knowles’ performance throughout the set. All three have their own flair and an abundance of skill to bring to the table to fill out the sound. 

Davy is one of the hardest working musicians currently out there. If he’s not on the road with his own work, he’s touring with the Band of Friends, a tribute to the late, great Rory Gallagher. This year will also see him join them in the UK for some dates. In between all of this, he will also be heading back into the studio to record some new music. With an unrelenting work ethos such as his, great things can only lie ahead. The Brauer Haus got to hear some of the newer material such as “Still Got Work To Do,” which was very well received by the hometown crowd. We can’t wait to hear what comes out of the next batch of recordings.

 One thing we can say about a Davy Knowles show is that it will certainly blow off any cobwebs. From the very first song, you are drawn in, and you can see the feet tapping. It’s impossible to stand still the moment they start playing “Ain’t Much Of Nothin’.” 

As the set came to a close, the line at the merch stand said it all as people flocked to purchase their items and have a chat with the man himself. The fans can’t get enough of him and it’s easy to see why. With this new record deal in the bag, it might mean we have to say goodbye to the intimate, adrenaline-fueled shows we’ve come to love, but it’s a sure sign of the boy done good. We’re excited to see what lies ahead for Knowles this year, which is already lining up to be a great one. Hard work, an abundance of talent, and perseverance will always pay off in the end.

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