Catfish and The Bottlemen at The Met Philadelphia in Philadelphia, PA

Catfish and The Bottlemen’s Philadelphia show can be best described as an old-fashioned concert with a present audience living in the moment.  

There’s always something exciting happening in Philadelphia. Particularly, at The Met Philadelphia located on North Broad Street. Concert goers were eager for doors to open for Catfish and The Bottlemen. The indie rock band from North Wales stopped in Philadelphia as part of their Fall 2019 Tour. The concert can be best described as present and that is thanks to the audience. 

The night started with alternative rock band, July Talk from Toronto, Canada. July Talk is a rock band with an influence of blues-rock. Singer, Leah Fey, was living in the music as she danced, sang, and just living in the moment with her stage presence. The audience adored Fey as she stood on the barricade serenading them. They ended their part of the show with the audience wanting them to expand their set. 

Catfish and The Bottlemen took the stage opening with “Longshot” from their recent album The Balance. Lead singer, Van McCann, came with a spark, doing what he loves as demonstrated with the guitar dancing and performing with passion which was abundant throughout the show. The audience reciprocated this by dancing, singing every word, and impressively putting down the phones. 

The show was like a concert from days gone by due to the impressive lack of cell phones, which is something you don’t see these days. Except for the occasional few photos, phones were mostly put away. The audience stayed present during the concert. There was even a lot of dancing in the general admission area. The vibe was concert-goers seeing their favorite band on a Saturday night and being in the moment. 

Catfish and The Bottlemen drew in the audience by performing songs such as “Kathleen” and “Cocoon”. Their stage presence was an energy of impressive guitar dancing and they were clearly loving every moment of performing. This could be seen when they performed “Outside”. Lead singer, Van McCann, appeared to be in his element during this song, as well as during “7” and “Twice”. 

Another song highlight was “Conversation”. It was like a jam-session vibe. Finally, the closer “Tyrant” sums up the entire show. Catfish and The Bottlemen fueled up their energy to give the audience a worthy closing to the show. There weren’t many early leavers. In fact barely anyone left early to beat the night traffic. They stayed and continued to rock out. 

This was a show that proved that there are music lovers out there willing to put the phone away and enjoy the moment with their eyes and ears and use their mind as their photo library. Catfish and The Bottlemen should know they have this impact on their audience and here’s to hoping they continue that influence. 

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