Bowling For Soup and Lit at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Bowling For Soup and Lit completely sold out their first show of the year at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale.

It was the first show of the year for venue Revolution Live and bands Bowling For Soup and Lit. They started the new year with a completely sold-out show. Though the tour hasn’t sold out yet, each date boasts low tickets left. The day started with people lining up two hours before the doors even opened. Filled with older and younger groups of people. Once 6:30 PM hit, the line for the three-band show was wrapped around the block.

First up was The Dollyrots. It was an explosive beginning to the night. As soon as the Florida pop-punk band hit the stage, the crowd was overjoyed with the start of the show. Before they began playing, they announced with joy that they were so excited to start touring again. They played such songs as “Brand New Key” and “Because I’m Awesome.” The Floridian pop-punk trio was a great taste of what was to come. 

Next up was the band Lit, starting their set early. They took the stage 15 minutes before their set time but the crowd didn’t mind this at all. Before entering the stage, their intro began, telling everyone to strap in, the rest of the night was about to get lit. The band entered to all purple lighting, walking on one by one. The band, renowned for popular songs from the early 2000s such as “Miserable,” “Over My Head,” and “My Own Worst Enemy,” sprinkled all these hits into the hour-long set. Older and younger fans all sang together in harmony during the band’s entire sixty minutes of playtime. Before the set came to a close, singer A. Jay Popoff explained how thankful he was to be in Florida and thanked the crowd for listening to the next song for 25 years. From there they began their biggest hit, “My Own Worst Enemy.” He told the crowd to get off their feet and the room erupted into a wave of people jumping. 

Once Lit left the stage the excitement began for the night’s headliner, Bowling For Soup. The entire band walked out as one together. Singer Jared Ray Reddick walked up to the microphone. With his Texas flag guitar wrapped around him and beer in one hand, he told the crowd, “Oh well, now I gotta put my beer down since you guys are so beautiful.”

They started the hour-long set with “Almost” which made the crowd go wild. The set consisted of songs like “Punk Rock 101,” “High School Never Ends,” and, of course, “1985.” The entire sixty minutes was one giant sing-along. The crowd loved every minute and every song played. The energy from the room never went down and the singing voices never tired. From the second the band took the stage to the minute they left, the room was overjoyed to hear songs they all grew up listening to live.

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