Blaze Ya Dead Homie and Anybody Killa at The Shelter in Detroit, MI

Native Detroit rappers Blaze Ya Dead Homie and Anybody Killa brought mixes of songs from their solo projects and their classic duo Drive-By songs.

The Shelter is an iconic venue in the basement of Saint Andrew’s Hall in Detroit, Michigan. The 400-person capacity venue has been the smaller go-to location for many notable bands including 311, Matchbox Twenty, Maroon 5, and My Chemical Romance when they were all just starting out.

This was a fun night full of Michigan rappers who all came together for the evening. When the doors opened, there was already a line of eager fans ready for a good time. The first act was B Haan. He was joined on stage by a DJ. Throughout the set, he showed his musical variety by rapping, singing, and playing guitar while getting the audience prepped for the next six sets to come. He ended his set by paying “tribute to a legend who inspired generations” with a cover of “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio.  

The next act was a three-man rap group, Black Magik the Infidel. It was a fun set to watch as they interacted with each other. The crowd was getting more hyped as they rapped, sang, and kept everyone engaged. They were not done even when they were off stage. They came out right away to hang out with fans, take photos, and watch the other sets.

The third person was the solo act N3kr0t!k. He has experience performing in a variety of places including a performance at the Hamtramck Music Festival in 2021. He used the crowd’s energy to have a fun set. He had 20 minutes to impress the crowd and that he did. He displayed his rapping abilities and even gave the crowd a surprise metal song at the end of the set.

The fourth act was The Michigan Misfits. They started as individual one-man acts until the two, Jack Sin and Body Rot, met and began collaborating to become The Michigan Misfits. They used a variety of styles including tag-team rap battle style singing as well as singing together to continue to bring high energy as they used the stage platform to fully engage with the audience throughout the whole set.

When Knowledge Da MC took the stage, he did so by himself. He was a chill guy who spent the show hanging out at the merch booth before taking the stage. He performed several songs solo. For the last song, he asked three friends up on stage with him to perform “We Just Getting Started.” Two of the three friends are on the recorded track for the song and they made sure everyone was super hyped up.  

For the final opening act, there was a solo MC, Insane E, with DJ Felony in the back. Insane E, also known as Insane Eric, has been around the other artists for many years. His performance showed he knew how to hype up the crowd and get everyone excited and ready for the main act. He moved around a lot and was very expressive on stage, allowing the audience to get a real sense of him and his lyrics while he rapped.

Then it was time for Blaze Ya Dead Homie, a.k.a. Blaze, and Anybody Killa, a.k.a. ABK, to come out. The two separate artists used to perform together for a group called Drive-By. Many of the songs they sing independently feature each other. They came out strong with a few Drive-By songs, such as “Back on da Block” followed by Blaze’s old-school favorites such as “Nasty.” ABK then performed older songs such as “Ghetto Neighbor” and “Gang Related.” The rest of the set was full of back-and-forth between the Blaze, ABK, and Drive-By songs.

Overall, everyone was hyped when they came out on stage and stayed engaged through the whole set, singing along to every song, even ones from over 20 years ago.

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