August Burns Red at the House of Blues in Las Vegas, NV

August Burns Red brings their 10 Years of Constellations Tour to the House of Blues in Las Vegas with support from Silent Planet and Silverstein.

Tuesday night and the crowd is packing into the House of Blues for the 10 Years of Constellations Tour. Not only is this a celebration of August Burns Red but there are two other bands on the lineup that the crowd is excited to see. Up first is the most unknown Silent Planet. They have played Las Vegas before but they are still relatively unknown to many in the crowd. That doesn’t stop this California based metal-core band. They deliver an intense thirty-minute set with the highlight being the song “Panic Room” before which singer Garrett Russell dedicates the song to their friend who suffers from PTSD. The set passes quickly and Russell thanks the crowd for their attention stating it is hard to sit through openers that you don’t know sometimes.  That may be the case but this crowd enjoyed this set. The unique sound of the music with a spoken word-type vocal was different and appreciated.

Silverstein is up next and this Canadian band has quite the following in Las Vegas having played here many times before. This band has intense energy in their performance. The strobes and the lights from behind them add to the feel of this set. They open with “Retrograde,” “Whiplash” and “Smashed Into Pieces.” The crowd starts moving and the intensity builds, there doesn’t feel like there is a moment rest and that feeling continues through the entire set. Other crowd favorites include “Vices,” “Massachusetts” and “My Heroine” before closing out strong with “The Afterglow.” Singer Shane Told delivers a strong vocal and is running and jumping around the stage. The rest of the band follow suit and they all seem to really be enjoying themselves. This is a high energy set and it sets the tone well for what is to come next.

The risers that have been on stage all night are moved slightly as it is set for August Burns Red. Before the band even takes the stage, it is clear that there is going to be a lot of various lights and that proves true. As they take the stage and singer Jake Luhrs announces “This is Constellations” and the first notes of “Thirty and Seven” are played. This is an anniversary tour so the set opens with this album. All twelve tracks are played in their entirety in the order they are on the album and the crowd loves this.

The thing about this band is their energy. Luhrs spends most of the set on the risers located at the front of the stage. Add these to the 6-foot tall stage and the band has a larger than life appearance at the House of Blues. Guitarist John Benjamin “JB” Brubaker also spends a lot of time on the various risers. The lights from behind the band range from strobes to various colored lasers and a glowing huge flame rising above drummer Matt Greiner. It is creating an interesting visual behind the band. The fast heavy music is perfectly blended with the intense lights. 

Constellations is played in its entirety and it is hard to say if the crowd has a favorite song. The encore begins in a totally different way with a drum solo by Greiner and bassist Dustin Davidson both adorned with bright feather colored boas. They play off each other and this creates a very fun moment in the set. After that, the set closes out with “Ghosts,” “Invisible Enemy” and “Composure.” The whole show is intense and it delivers what the crowd expects.

For those who have seen this band before they are familiar with the risers and their energy and this set holds true to that. They pay homage to their third album well while giving a little taste of their other music. Their last album was released in 2017 and this show left the crowd wanting new music soon. Hopefully, that will happen but until then this anniversary show should hold them over.

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