Attila at Level 13 in Orlando, FL

Attila @ Level 13 in Orlando | photo by Brandi

It was an unforgettable night as Attila rolled into Orlando, FL, promising an explosive mix of music, energy, and raw excitement.

 The tenth anniversary About That Life Tour was coming to a close with only two shows left. The tour’s lineup of acts gave metal fans of all ages to get stoked about. The five-band lineup packed the room at Level 13. 

With Some Friends were not on the tour lineup but recently had the incredible opportunity to open for the About That Life Tour. Their musical style perfectly set the stage for the upcoming acts. The band’s electrifying performance left the audience in awe, making it a night to remember for all in attendance. With Some Friends certainly continue to make their mark on the Orlando music scene that night.

 When Until I Wake announced they would be joining the About That Life Tour, fans were more than excited. Until I Wake’s high-energy set and emotionally charged lyrics perfectly complemented the tour’s overall atmosphere, making them a fitting act. Giving some fan favorites like ” Cold,” “Forsaken,” and “Octane.” With their talent and stage presence, Until I Wake solidified their place among the tour’s headliners.

The France-based band Ten56 brought their captivating sounds and stage presence to the road. Their performance featured songs such as “Diazepam,” “Older Days,” and “Boy” creating a memorable and immersive experience for the crowd. Ten56’s music transcended borders, leaving an impressive impression on the Orlando audience that night. After the set was over, people were talking amongst each other about how the band would be making their daily playlist from now on. 

 Gideon is a hard-hitting American metalcore band known for their relentless energy and lyrics. They’ve built a dedicated fanbase with their powerful live performances and impactful discography. Gideon was formed in 2008 and has grown to be a continuous big name in the metal scene. The sea of people filled up the venue fast before the set started as you looked around you saw Gideon merch all around. During their set, Gideon delivered some of their most popular songs, their intense sound and high-octane energy intensified the excitement in the room in anticipation of the headliner taking the stage. 

Finally, it was time for Attila to step up in front of the packed-out room. Attila has been around and built up a fan base since 2005 with their metalcore sound. The band started up in Atlanta, GA, however, all but one has relocated to Orlando, FL, so you could call this a hometown show since the room had family and friends and a guest list you could call a mile long. Fronz (frontman) knows how to be a star of the show. His stage energy is over the top and proves why Attila has become to big name they are today. While the room was going mad with circle pits and crowd surfers, they played all of the About That Life album in full from beginning to end. Attila’s tour came to a grand finale with hometown shows, leaving fans with memories and a deep connection to the band. 

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