Alter Bridge at Virginia Credit Union Live in Richmond, VA

Even with the threat of severe storms in the vicinity, Alter Bridge put on a thunderous performance in Richmond, VA.

Before the evening could get going, there was worry in the air as to whether or not the concert would even take place. With a severe storm in the area that threatened hurricane-strength winds, rain, and even hail, many were left wondering up until the last minute if the show could go on. But storms were no match for this heavy-hitter lineup. Despite what the weather radars were showing, the storms went around the venue and the show could continue as planned.

Kicking off the evening was Mammoth WVH. Even with the threat of poor weather still looming over, the crowd was eager for music. Having just released his second album, Mammoth II, only a few days before this show, it was evident that the crowd was excited and eager to hear new songs from the album, as well as those from the previous. All parts of the crowd, ranging from those at the front on the rail to those further back in assigned seats, were found singing along to every song the band had to offer.

Next up was Sevendust, a band full of energy and charisma. Similar to Mammoth WVH, Sevendust recently released their fourteenth studio album, Truth Killer, just a few days before this show. Singer Lajon Witherspoon addressed the crowd on multiple occasions, whether to thank them for coming out and supporting the tour or to comment on how severe weather couldn’t stop a rock show from carrying on. The way the band found ways to interact with the crowd, building that deep connection with everyone present, was truly something heartfelt. A special treat for concert-goers at this particular show was that Sevendust played, for the first time live, the song “Everything” from their recent album. 

Rounding out the stormy evening was Alter Bridge. Before the band could even step foot on the stage, the crowd proved just how excited they were to be there through their yells and chants of “Alter Bridge! Alter Bridge!” Even after the band was on stage, the cheers and applause from concert-goers never faded. A few songs into the set, singer Myles Kennedy addressed the crowd, commenting on the ever-looming severe storms everyone was on edge about. Kennedy remarked how the “storm parted so we could put on a rock show.” And put on a rock show they did. The setlist had something to offer for all fans, including songs from their recent album Pawns & Kings, as well as songs that stretched across their entire discography. The band is an absolute powerhouse, with all members working together so effortlessly. This performance just further solidified how incredibly talented the group is.

The final leg of The Pawns and Kings Tour continues through August 31, 2023, with the final stop taking place in Council Bluffs, IA. This tour is truly one about the music and the moment, as well as building those connections with the fans through music. It is a memorable tour and one that should be seen if given the opportunity.

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