Love I Swore by Amelia White

Photo by: Jon Karr Lorena Lopez

Following the release of Rhythm of the Rain, Amelia White breaks through with the highly anticipated Love I Swore, available February 23rd. 

Amelia White succeeds with her upcoming album release Love I Swore. Available on February 23rd, 2024 on 31 Tigers, the album is unapologetically rock and roll, with folk and country influences. A passionate yet ruthless approach to loneliness and the waves of emotion a musician experiences. When you give everything to the stage, what do you lose on your ride there?

Love I Swore is a mesmerizing journey through the heart of folk rock, delivered by White. The album captures the essence of trials and tribulations of human emotion, weaving them together in a harmonious tapestry of sound. Love I Swore opens with the track “Something New Comes,” setting the tone for the entire experience. The interplay of electric guitars, organic percussion, and earthy vocals immediately transports listeners to a world where the boundaries between the natural and the musical blur.

Shifting into track two, “I Follow The River,” White opens her story with a rough search for what has happened to her and her lover, retracing her steps to figure out what went wrong. The plea to “find where you left here” introduces an element of searching or seeking, having White search for her person that now only exists in her memories. Pulling influence from powerhouse female artists such as Sheryl Crow and Joni Mitchell, nostalgic songwriting is second nature for White. Residing in East Nashville, she is no stranger to raw and honest composition.

“Can You See Me Now” is a slow-burn ballad with an array of instrumental background and wistful lyrics at track seven. Flowing into track 9, “Time” tells a story of how only distancing oneself will bring the truest emotions out of the shadows. “Some other day, some other sun-lit shadow, Trying so hard for truth to wake up, does it really matter?” In these lines, there’s a reflection on the passing of time, symbolized by “some other day” and the interplay between light and shadow, representing the dualities and contrasts in life. The effort to navigate through the challenges of having the leave the past behind and pursue one’s truth. 

“Lost Myself,” the 10th track on the album, shifts the record from a melodic trance to a wild chase between White and her past lovers. The track revolves around the loss of one’s identity, and letting go of love that has died.

White’s lyrics tell the story of loving a person who slowly becomes faint and disappears while still being there. The final track on the album, “Don’t Know Her” reveals a sense of distance and disconnection between White and a version of themselves they were once close to but no longer recognize. “I don’t know her eyes, or the thoughts inside her head, I don’t know her dreams or her body in the bed.” The use of vivid imagery and introspective reflections brings listeners face to face with White’s inner workings. The final track brings Love I Swore into full circle, concluding the album with White feeling the loss of her previous life, but hopeful for the chapter of newfound independence and growth ahead of her. 

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