Jon Bon Jovi Asks Fans To Help Him Write Lyrics To A Song

The New Jersey rockstar wants your input of what you are experiencing during the COVID-19 crisis to help collectively pen a song.

Jon Bon Jovi is no stranger to helping those in need. Not only is he the founder of the Soul Kitchen, but he was also seen helping out at the community restaurant in Red Bank, NJ which helps feed those in need. The restaurant was set up on the basis of you pay what you can, and if you can’t pay anything you can contribute by washing the dishes, for example. This week, a photo was posted online of Jon washing dishes at the restaurant, with the caption “If you can’t do what you do…. do what you can.”

Now Jon Bon Jovi is asking for your input. He started to write a song, and so far he has the chorus and the first verse. However, he wants you to write the second verse to tell everyone what you are experiencing during the COVID-19 outbreak. Everyone across the world has been affected in some way by this virus, whether you’re losing your income, missing prom or graduation, or you’re scared about what is happening outside. Tell your story, put pen to paper and submit your lyrics or your performance on Instagram #DoWhatYouCan.

You can hear the song so far here:


We’re also sending best wishes to Jon’s fellow bandmate, David Bryan, who recently announced he has tested positive for COVID-19. He’s wishing him a speedy recovery, and we’re looking forward to seeing them all together and on stage, performing the final version of this song. 

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