Interview with Tyler Bryant

Tyler Bryant, frontman of Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown, takes time out to chat about the upcoming album.

Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown are certainly no strangers to Loud Hailer. Having seen them perform live several times, their energetic performances just keep us coming back for more and more. The Texas-born frontman moved to Nashville at the tender age of 17, and you can clearly hear the influences of both these places in his blended blues-rock sound. 

During the current lockdown, Bryant has been working on their upcoming album, keeping himself busy by immersing himself in creating new music during time that would have otherwise been spent out on the road. He also made a guest appearance on Larkin Poe’s recent single, “Back Down South.”  

Tyler chatted with us about his excitement around the new album, his writing process and recording an album in your own home.

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