Twiztid at the Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac, MI

Twiztid’s 7th annual 420 show “rolls” up a potent party of puffing peeps to the legendary Crofoot of Pontiac, Michigan.

Faster than a creepy cannabinoid can get freaky deaky with a horror-core hatchet, team Twiztid has arrived with a hip-hopping horde of  hard core family. The 7th annual 420 celebration has come to the Crofoot Ballroom of the metropolitan Detroit area, and proudly displays a “Sold Out” status to passers-by. This family, “thee” family… Jugaloo after Jugaloo pack themselves into this legendary venue, displaying a variety of Halloween-esque face paintings and sporting pie-eyed smiles of anticipation as they share a cult-like closeness that is the fuel of Twiztid’s fire. Many have come across the U.S. (as far as Florida,) and across the Canadian border to be in attendance for this evenings event. Energies are “high” as the old building begins to fill with a spooky yet pungent haze that adds a poetic ambiance to the cause. 

Stagehands can be seen hard at work, assembling the scene for the night’s performance. A casual white couch… a large towering structure, concealed by a dark cloak sits in wait of the gruesome twosomes arrival. 11pm and stage lights ignite, burning a vibrant green to reveal the cloaked mystery: a massive, man-eating (AND pot smoking) Venus fly trap that is now the mascot of Twiztid’s Little Smoke Shop of Horrors. Equipped with a baseball-sized doobie dangling from his massive lips… the crowd is in wide-eyed awe by the ultra-trippy talking fly trap. Twiztid: Madrox and Monoxide emerge from the side stage, followed by a ghastly mist as they join their herbtacular beast. Welcome to 420… please put on your seat-belt!

The dynamic duo fire it up with the apropos “So High” bringing a celebratory puff of haze billowing from the crowd. The Crofoot sound system is quite impressive and has the backbeat thundering at superhuman levels, as Twiztid launches “Nothing To You,” “Rock The Dead” and into a most electrical performance of “Kill Somebody.”  Lights are on, and then they’re off, and then they’re on… annnd then… DARKNESS! Alas, a true ode to a spooktacular, slasher type, horror flick featuring two ghoulish rappers ready to haunt and taunt you. They “roll” through “Smoke Break,” “Break Down,” and into “Boogieman” with the crowd keeping pace while singing every word in unison. Madrox asks what things are most important…  “Sex and Money…?” The fans know the clue to what is coming next: a pounding version of “Sex Drugs Money Murder.” “Raw Deal” follows with the crowd hopping in syncope to the thunderous cadence.  

A somber pause comes over the stage as Monoxide takes in the moment… Madrox follows and a moving version of “LDLHA-IBCSYWA” has the crowd swimming in emotion. Phones and lighters are held high to commemorate the moment. The song comes to a close, and a somber moment of respect passes over the crowd. The moment passes as the crunch of heavy guitars blast through the massive speakers suspended from the Crofoot ceiling. Madrox leads his Jugaloo fam into “We Don’t Die.” Sensing the end is near, family follows the grove… hopping with cult-like gymnastics to the beat. As the last lines ….”freaks of the night, we don’t die… we get high, we don’t die…” fades from the stage, Monoxide and Madrox give humble thanks to their Jugaloo family for their support and being part of team Twiztid.

Twiztid comes as a highly recommended and energetic concert experience. Currently on their Generation Nightmare Tour, with a new studio release also entitled Generation Nightmare that will be released on April 26. Check out their work on the Rottentail movie soundtrack as they provide backing tracks for some old school horror movie fun (in theaters now).

420 2020… you just might want to get your tickets early for the 8th Annual, so bring your Cheetos (WORD! annnd mic drop…)

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