Tiger Army at House of Independents in Asbury Park, NJ

The East Coast was treated to some of the best musical acts in the alternative rock scene California has to offer.

Currently, on the Retrofuture Tour are California’s own psychobilly trio, Tiger Army. Fronted by singer-guitarist Nick 13, bassist Djordje Stijepovic, and drummer Mike Fasano, the band has been touring across North America in support of their latest release, Retrofuture. The band played at Asbury Park’s House of Independents to an eager and enthusiastic crowd.

Supporting acts Kate Clover and SadGirl were a phenomenal introduction to the night that was to be had. Clover performed with an incredibly fierce energy that made its way across the venue. People began to gravitate towards the front of the stage and watch her intensely. Her music is reminiscent of the pop-punk stylings of the late 70’s early 80’s era. Raw, in your face, and she doesn’t hold back. She performed her debut song as a solo artist titled “Channel Zero,” which was officially released a little over three weeks ago.

Continuing the journey of decades gone by, SadGirl offered a musical experience that has to be appreciated live. The quartet has a strong handle on their style that fuses bluesy 70’s rock stylings with heavy indie nuances, an awesome combination of sorts that could only happen on the West Coast. SadGirl went on to play songs “Miss Me,” “Chlorine,” and “Feel Like Shit” which were followed up with an insanely powerful instrumental that was quite honestly, pretty freaking mesmerizing. After their set, the audience was pretty riled up and ready for the main event, the great and all-mighty, Tiger Army.

From the moment Nick 13, Mike Fasano, and Djodje Stijepovic walked onto the stage, the crowd erupted with elation and became engrossed with the musicians. Every single song, including “Devil That You Don’t Know” and “Prelude: Tercio De Muerte” from the latest album, were all sung by the fans word for word. The instrumental “Night Flower” was an obvious crowd favorite. The dedication and appreciation towards the new songs as well as older hits such as “Ghostfire” and “F.T.W” did not go unnoticed by the ever-smiling Nick 13. He then went on to introduce the other members of the group. Fasano and Stijepovic then went on to play wicked solos with their instruments that wowed everyone. Towards the end, of the night Stijepovic went on to not just slap the hell out of his bass but also juggle it around. Even playing it while lying down on the floor while supporting it with his feet.

The band has been active for over 20 years and the fandom grows ever bigger with every passing year. That night Nick 13 reminded everyone the importance of acceptance and community. He then went on to remind people that it is ok to scream out “F**k The World” if it gets too hard but also to keep chugging along.

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