The Regrettes at The Foundry in Philadelphia, PA

A diverse community of concert-goers had the experience of an intimate show to see The Regrettes at The Foundry in Philadelphia, PA. 

The Foundry is a small venue just above The Fillmore in Philadelphia, PA. It’s set with some couches in the back along with a small bar in the middle. The main attraction is the intimate stage where The Regrettes performed, but before they took the stage there were two openers, Hala and Greer

Hala is made up of singer-songwriter Ian Ruhala from Detroit, Michigan. Ruhala was accompanied by his bandmates. The best way to describe the sound of Hala is indie rock, but it doesn’t matter the genre of music because Hala developed an instant connection with the audience. In fact, it was almost as if they were the main band. A highlight was the performance of “Problems.” It was a jam-out session with the audience.

Greer, a four-piece band from California, is a mixture of The Wallows and The Drums. Still new to the music scene, this DIY-like band received a huge audience welcome. Their performance showed how much passion they have for their music. This band is definitely one to watch for 2019, going into 2020. 

Finally, the main event – The Regrettes graced the stage for an intimate performance for the audience. The crowd looked up to this band and adored them and their music. Lead singer, Lydia Night interacted with the audience from start to finish. Her stage presence was fun and you can tell that she has been influenced by punk-pioneer, Kathleen Hanna from the band Bikini Kill. The audience wasn’t just fans, they are a diverse community of friends to the band. Bass player, Brooke Dickson, shined like a star with her performance on bass guitar during their performance of “Come Through.” In fact, that’s one of many endless great qualities of The Regrettes’ sound. 

Drummer, Drew Thomsen, gave all the energy in the drum section. He’s an energetic and passionate drummer who’s talent shone throughout his performance. This was highlighted during their performance of “Hey Now” and “I Dare You.” Genessa Gariano, lead guitar, put on a passionate performance and this was clearly evident during “Seashore.” In conclusion, The Regrettes are a must to see live as their set received adulation and appreciation from the Philadelphia crowd.

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