The Picturebooks at The Loving Touch in Ferndale, MI

The Picturebooks unleashed a night of carnal rock music at The Loving Touch in Ferndale with special guests Warhorses and Werewolves.

The German blues-rock duo The Picturebooks have been tirelessly touring in support of their brilliant The Hands Of Time album. Instead of kicking back on a day off, they want to jam with friends in Detroit. A cold night in Detroit is about to get hot with the primal fire of rock and roll.

Just a few chords into the Werewolves and you can feel the rush of my music like a drug. The sonic lift of this post-punk rock band from Flint is gorgeous. Irresistible rhythms from the bass of Doug Wilson and drums of Aaron Reinhard fuel the energic guitars of Paul Owinski and Bruce Horn. Horn’s vocals are insistent bordering on manic. This performance from the Werewolves is magnetic and intoxicating. Don’t miss out on the supernatural talent of this band when they roll into town.

Late in October 2019, Warhorses released a powerhouse of psychedelic rock called Shadow Gold. As enthralling and metaphysical as this music on the recording is, it is sheer rapture when witnessed live. The demanding beat of “Gone” draws us to the stage. You can see and hear the invigorating grooves vibrating from drummer Kristin Lyn and bassist Nathan Miller. The ardent vocals of Mike Alexander and muscular guitars of Mike and guitarist Eric Myers breathe life into the songs “Sound of Thunder” and “Killing.” This set from Warhorses is spiritually healing and invigorating.

A picture book provides you with a visual complement to storytelling. The words of the story take on greater detail within the picture book. At the Loving Touch, The Picturebooks illustrate with music the story of human nature and our basic instincts. Philipp Mirtschink uses the palm of his hand on the large bass tom while Fynn Claus Grabke’s plaintive vocals beseech the audience as they begin the set with “PCH Diamond.” The intensity rises as Philipp switches to mallets to pummel the drums. Meanwhile, Fynn’s slide guitar cries out in exultation.

Songs such as “Howling Wolf” and “Lizard” fill the room with fervor. As the sweat pours from Philipp and Flynn, the music in “Learn it the Hard Way” and “Wardance” radiates with their passion. When Flynn sings into the pickup of his guitar, it sounds like a calling from another dimension. Philipp’s eyes have a sharp predatory gleam as he hammers his drums.

This epic night of music climaxes with “Your Kisses Burn Like Fire.” Enthusiasm spills over as a man in the audience sings; though he does not know the words. This show with Werewolves, Warhorses, and The Picturebooks left mark on us. Our minds etched with blissful memories of these bands and their zeal for rock music.

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