The Menzingers at The Franklin Music Hall in Philadelphia, PA

Filled up to capacity at The Franklin Music Hall, The Menzingers brought out a diverse group for a night of music and get togetherness. 

The Menzingers are a Philadelphia favorite when it comes to the local music scene. Originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania, they played a sold-out show at the Franklin Music Hall in Philadelphia with the line extending out the door and the venue filled to the exit doors. It’s safe to say that Philadelphia is also their home. 

The show took place at The Franklin Music Hall, formerly called The Electric Factory. The line extended around the building as concert goers waited in the cold weather to see The Menzingers. The goers ranged from many age groups. There was even a young boy maybe around eight to ten years old that was seeing the band for the first time and was excited to see one of his favorite bands. The venue filled up quick and was up to capacity by the time the openers, Tigers Jaw, took the stage. 

Tigers Jaw, a rock band from Scranton, opened they show with enthusiasm from the crowd. The band consists of Ben Walsh on vocals and guitar and Brianna Collins on vocals and keyboard. Their sound is a mixture between rock and punk with a sprinkle of pop because of their very catchy guitar rhythms. When they performed their song “Chemicals,” it was a jam session with the band and their audience. The audience seemed to know every lyric to the song, which made their set even more fused with dedication. 

Before The Menzingers took the stage, there was a lot of anticipation. The audience was ready, but patient. They opened with “Anna” from their new album Hello Exile. Guitarist and vocalist Tom May was full of energy and passionate with jumps and smiles at the crowd and on stage. The crowd-surfing began during “The Obituaries.” 

The audience seemed to be a very dedicated, fun, and diverse group of people. Some even traveled all the way from Scranton. One of the song highlights included “Tellin’ Lies” from their 2017 album After Party. 

Other song highlights included many from Hello Exile such as “Strawberry Mansion,” “High School Friend,” “Strangers Forever,” and a fan favorite “America (You’re Freaking Me Out).” Classics like “Casey” and “I Don’t Wanna Be an A*****e Anymore” excited the audience with circle pits. 

The concert showed The Menzingers are dedicated to their performing and fans. They brought out the diversity in the fanbase, which is something more and more bands and artists are doing these days. 

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