The Faim at Vinyl in Las Vegas, NV

The Faim supporting Andy Black on his current tour stole the show at Vinyl in Las Vegas bringing a high energy performance.

Most people are not familiar yet with Australia’s The Faim but they are making a name for themselves on the music scene. For this reason, many are excited to see them tonight. This rock band puts on an impressive show right from the start. The energy is intense with tons of jumps and each member literally flying around the dark stage. Josh Raven on vocal delivers not only a strong vocal performance but within the first two songs he flies off the stage into the crowd and they love it. Not to be outdone Sam Tye (guitar) and Stephen Beerkens (bass) run around the stage and add in their own jumps both on the stage and off. This energy is infectious and it gets the crowd going. The stage is darkly illuminated by red light but this adds to the feeling of the performance.

With songs like “Saints of the Sinners,” “Beautiful Drama,” “A Million Stars” and “I Can Feel You,” it doesn’t matter that the crowd might not know the words. These are solid rock songs that the crowd loves. This is the perfect venue to be introduced to this band. The energy fills the small room and it really gets the crowd going. They move through their setlist and they never slow down. The crowd gets as close as they can to the stage to experience this to it’s fullest but to also get a chance to high five Raven. He obliges the fans and continues to get up close with them through the entire performance. The vocal is strong and the music is played fast and the crowd feels every note of it.

It is definite that they gained some fans with this performance and it is arguably the best performance of the night. The music is fun and what the crowd wants to hear, but performed with such an intensity that the crowd wasn’t expecting. This is a band that is likely to go far if they keep performing like this and writing songs like these. Founded in 2014 they are still young and new to the scene, but they are setting out to make a name for themselves. People may not have known them before tonight but after this performance, they are not likely to forget them.

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