Snoop Dogg at the Fillmore in Detroit, MI

Snoop Dogg rolls down 8 mile to deliver a double dose of the Doggfather to droves of Detroiters in the downtown D.

Mid-January and Old Man Winter comes through metropolitan Detroit with chilled promises of snow, ice, and bitter winds blasting the streets of our beloved town. Despite the elements, the Doggfather family has flocked to the Fillmore, filing into the famed venue, to catch the West Coast blazing heat of the one and only Snoop Dogg. Lines extend three city blocks from the venue entrance as the ticket box proudly displays the words “Sold-Out“ across its massive marquee. The crowd has traveled from across the state, across the neighboring states, and even across the border to attend this Muggle-filled night of hemp-tacular proportions. Tonight is an all-ages show, here you will also find all sexes, all races, and even all sizes, providing proof positive testimony for the love Detroit has for Snoop.

9:30 PM and the massive stage of the iconic Fillmore is set with a large DJ riser flanked by dual picnic tables and a jumbo-tron screen lurking behind the scene. One of these tables has a massive blunt with the words “Dogg Talk” on it (waiting to be claimed by its happy owner). In addition, we see what some might refer to as “stripper poles” stage left and stage right (both humbly waiting for their performers to arrive). The DJ takes to the riser and engages the massive crowd of Detroiters. He cranks the incredible sound system of the Fillmore to 11, pounding bass through the bowels of the young and the old. Scenes of Snoop’s career illuminate the massive jumbo-tron screen behind him, as Snoop makes his entrance. He glides across the floor with the appropriate swag of the OG legend he is and cracks a boyish smile to his metro Detroit fam. The gang roars to life as he raises a gold-plated bling-tastic microphone to his lips to greet the D. Snoop is wearing a Laker-style jogging suit, in memory of the tragic loss of NBA legend, Kobe Bryant. The night is underway and Snoop is here to deliver, cranking the night off with the Dr. Dre cover “Nothing But A G Thang,” followed by “The Next Episode.”

Onto a 50 Cent cover, and Snoop drops “Pimp,“ as he is joined by to scantily clad young ladies that take to the nearby poles to perform for the crowd. During the track, Snoop is armed with a fat blunt that he partakes in frequently, and even shares with his fans. Snoop rolls into “One Blood, One Cuzz,” “Sexual Eruption,” and a banging version of “Bitch Please,“ (that even had the security personnel singing along with him). The Doggfather keeps things on point with “Snoop’s Upside Ya Head,“ “Down 4 My Niggas,” and a most memorable version of “Ain’t No Fun (If The Homies Can’t Have None).”  “Chronic Break,” “Big Mouth,” and “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” are up next and the pie-eyed crowd is getting their groove on… Dogg style. N-W-A cover “Boys-N-Da-Hood” electrifies the Detroiters, who get the combo when Snoop rolls out the classic House of Pain cover “Jump Around.” Almost to the summit, “Gin and Juice,” is next and the night comes to a close on “Young, Wild, & Free,” (with Wiz Khalifa).

Nearly two hours after Snoop strolled across the stage, and three-plus decades of material later, the surviving West Coast OG has officially baked Detroit to a crisp. Snoop’s performance comes as a highly recommended concert experience, that will leave you with lasting memories (and quite possibly a suspicious craving for Cheetos).

Snoop is currently on his 2020 I Wanna Thank Me Tour. Details and dates are available on his official website.

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