Shinedown at The Fillmore in New Orleans, LA

Hard rock heavyweights Shinedown brought their impressive electric stage show to The Fillmore in New Orleans on Monday night.

No opener. Just an evening with the boys from Florida, Shinedown. New Orleans fans were treated to a more intimate show from singer Brent Smith, drummer Barry Kerch, guitarist Zach Myers, and bassist Eric Bass. Although the show still boasted an impressive light and laser show, gone were the pyrotechnics that have been a hallmark of the band’s arena and festival shows.  The addition of a drum set was different, which Kerch took full advantage of.

The evening began with the song “Devil” from the band’s 2018 release Attention! Attention!  Lead singer Brent Smith’s vocals are undeniably strong. He sounds just as he does on their albums when performing live.  Zach Myers first appeared wearing a bandana across his face, finally allowing the audience to really see him as they launched into the song “Diamond Eyes” from their 2008 release The Sound of Madness. The floor was shaking from the crowd jumping up and down. The first half of the set comprised of hits from their most recent songs from Attention! Attention! and their 2012 album Amaryllis.

The second half of the show encompassed more of the songs that made the band a success over a decade ago. “I Dare You” from 2005’s Us & Them and “45” from band’s debut Leave a Whisper had the crowd jumping and singing along. The band slowed down the momentum a little with the Lynyrd Skynyrd classic, “Simple Man”, a song that the band has really made their own. Gears switched back to heavy when they launched into “Cut The Chord” from  Threat to Survival and “Sound of Madness” from the album of the same name. The evening ended as it began, with “Brilliant” from the tour focused album Attention! Attention! that left the entire Fillmore wanting more. Everyone left exhausted and happy.

There is one definite that has always been true about Shinedown; they love their fans. Always appreciative, Smith even made a point to shake hands with all of the photographers and local crew that helped to bring the show to life before turning his attention back to the packed theater. Although the more recent shows are a spectacle of pyrotechnics and lasers, the gratitude shown by the band is apparent and genuine. It’s refreshing to see a band take so much love from their fans and give it right back.

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