Scott Stapp at Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas, NV

Scott Stapp brings The Space Between the Shadows tour to Las Vegas with support from Sunflower Dead and Messer.

Pretty much everyone is familiar with the band Creed and it’s frontman Scott Stapp, but not as many people are familiar with his solo work. This show tonight is going to highlight both and is one not to be missed. Stapp has an amazing voice there is no question about that and the new album The Space Between the Shadows is excellent. Before we get to his performance though, there are two amazing opening acts. Up first is California rock band Sunflower Dead. This band has gone through an evolution in recent years, ditching the costumes and makeup but they are a solid rock band that entertains the crowd. They pack as many songs as they can into their set and feature their unique sound with the playing of an accordion. That is not something any other rock band can compete with. Most of the songs they play are from their new album C O M A and after this performance, surely many will be purchasing it. They open the night up perfectly with their unique sound and performance.

Messer is up next. This hard rock band from Dallas Texas has played Las Vegas a few times and they have a pretty loyal fan base. It is easy to see why with this performance. Vocalist Dereak Messer delivers a strong vocal but the band is the most animated lead by drummer Kenny Younger. His drum playing is definitely something to watch. The performance seems to have it all – solid well-performed songs, animated members and periodic smoke cannons that shoot into the air. The set is exactly what people expect, covering their self-titled debut album. It is easy to see why this band has had success on the mainstream rock charts and after this performance, they show no signs of slowing down. Their performance is authentic and energetic, to say the least. People who knew them before love this set and those who were unaware of them definitely are fans now.

The stage is turned over for Scott Stapp and company. The stage setup is pretty minimal with just a platform in the middle but those who have seen Stapp perform with Creed or Art of Anarchy expect this. He usually spends a lot of time front and center on this platform which lets the fans get up close with him at a venue like this one. Tonight is not only about his new album The Space Between the Shadows but his back catalog as well, so Creed fans are sure to get a treat.

The first thing that strikes you is how excellent the band is. There is no other way to describe it other than excellent. The second thing is Stapp’s voice. He was always well known for his strong vocal but tonight proves that he still has it. His new music and the Creed songs are showcased perfectly by him and his band.

The set opens with “World I Use to Know,” “Slow Suicide” and the first Creed song of the night “My Own Prison.”  This mix shows the crowd what they are in for tonight in a good way. Stapp is on the platform at the center of the stage reaching out to the fans with his band around him. The crowd is loving this performance right from the very beginning. The fifteen song set showcases other songs including “Name,” “Survivor” and “Face of the Sun” off of the new album. Near the end of the set comes a lot of the Creed classics including “With Arms Wide Open,” “Higher” and closing out the night with “My Sacrifice.”  

This performance is just what the crowd wanted and expected. None of the bands disappoint and each showcase who they are perfectly. This isn’t one of those five or six band lineups but it is a solid show and these three bands are definitely ones not to miss.  

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