P!nk at the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, MI

P!nk returns to the mighty Motor City to deliver a double dose of back-to-back sell-outs at the Little Caesars Arena.
April 26th marks a very special night for Metro Detroiters – a long awaited rescheduled appearance of P!nk‘s March 2018 performance and the launch date of her eighth studio album, ” Hurts 2B Human” released on RCA records. This day has finally arrived and the massive arena is packed to its’ rooftops with fans. There are no tickets, no seats, no parking and… no worries; our high flying heroine of platinum-powered pop has arrived to save the day… P!nk is in the building!

9pm on this Friday night and the massive stage of the Little Caesars Arena has been covered with a ginormous, bright pink tapestry that conceals the intricate pieces, parts and people that are all a part of the Beautiful Trauma stage production. The LCA sound system comes to life as a familiar voice begins to sing a sultry version of Whitesnakes’ “Here I Go Again On My Own.” P!nk’s sensual interpretation delivered from behind the curtain sets the capacity crowd on angst as they sing along waiting to see what surprise she withholds. The last note of the classic rings out and the hot pink curtains are whisked away to reveal ….P!NK! She is dangling precariously from a huge chandelier suspended from the arena rafters. The night has started and P!nk ‘s elegant descent from the heavens is accompanied by the opening lyrics to “Get The Party Started.” 

The crowd is wide-eyed as a full dance troop joins her on stage to guide her arrival gently to an in progress dance party. More than a dozen dazzling dancers move to the syncope of this infectious hit. To top this… a blast of pyro sends the crowd into the next tune with a bang. “Beautiful Trauma” is up next, delivering her signature sassy yet silk-like rasp that drives her fans crazy. The stage is always moving and keeping pace with the moody emotions of each song. She then goes into “Just Like A Pill,” and “Who Knew.” She moves with the athleticism of a great predator cat on the prowl, not showing an inkling of fatigue throughout the night’s ninety plus minute performance.

The night presses on as she performs “Revenge,” and although Eminem was not available to voice his part, fans got a chuckle from an inflatable Slim Shady as his proxy. “Funhouse/Just A Girl” comes next and an absolute electric version of her new single from the new album “Hustle.” ” Walk Me Home” and “Just Like Fire” are crowd pleasers as her dance team has to double time to keep up with the fast-footed femme fatale. Emotions run high as a deeply moving version of “What About Us” reverberates throughout the arena, with all in attendance singing in unison. “Secrets” brings an aerial Cirque-esque routine followed by a memorable and tasty acoustic version of “Barbies.” “F*ckin Perfect” brings a karaoke response with even event staff and security singing along.
P!nk addresses the crowd with a touching ode to her six-year-old daughter. She explains that her daughter thought she was ugly and looked like a boy. Her story ends with her telling her daughter as well as all in attendance to love who you are and that “You are beautiful!” Her soliloquy is backed by the familiar groove of “Raise Your Glass,” and the somber minute is released as the party resumes. The dance moves are on as the song transitions into “Blow Me(One More Kiss)” and P!nk’s dance team spread across the stage like a synchronized swim team. 
The lights fade and a ruse is a foot… Has the night ended? The unmistakable intro to “So What” rips through the sound system and the crowd goes ballistic as we see more acrobatics from the bedazzled diva. Our super heroine has taken to the air with the greatest of ease that would even make Spiderman crack a spider smile. Throughout her acrobatics, P!nk is able to maintain a powerful and confident voice with the delivery and endurance of a singing Olympian. The night comes to a satisfying end with a final performance, “Glitter In The Air.”
P!nk comes as a highly recommended, energetic and visually stunning concert experience. Savor every high-flying and explosive moment as this will be your concert experience of a lifetime. Regarding the rescheduled concert date, P!nk made sure all of those ticket holders received a free copy of her new album…. Now how cool is that? You could say it was “Pinktacular!” Catch P!ink on the Beautiful Trauma tour through November of this year. Check her official website for performance dates and details.
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