Mike Shinoda at The Fillmore in Philadelphia, PA

Mike Shinoda returns to Philadelphia for his North American Post Traumatic Tour supporting his debut solo album.

The Fillmore Philly welcomed Mike Shinoda for a sold-out show on his Post Traumatic Tour. Don Bronco started off the night with “Everybody” from their second LP, Technology. The British rock band from Bedford, England captivated the crowd with their high-energy set with songs from both of their albums. They closed out their seven-song set with “T-Shirt Song” to start and finish with tracks from their new album.

The sold-out crowd was ready when Shinoda took the stage. He was recently in the area for Radio 104.5’s 11th Birthday Show at BB&T Pavilion on June 30th. He came out with his band and jumped right into “Make It Up As I Go.” A few songs into the set, someone yelled it was their birthday, and he took a break between songs to say “Happy Birthday to Destiny” somewhere in the front of the crowd. As he went on to play “Crossing A Line,” the whole crowd sang along.

Shinoda mentioned that at his show in New York the night before, a fan came up to him during the meet and greet and asked if he could join him on stage for a song tonight. Mike asked the fan “are you sure you know how to play it?” The fan was confident he could do it, and Shindoa gave him a shot. The fan, Dylan Yadav has been a huge Linkin Park fan and part of LP Live, a website dedicated to following all Linkin Park news and updates. Dylan joined Shinoda and his band for “Roads Untraveled” and did a great job. The crowd was chanting “DYLAN! DYLAN! DYLAN!” at the end as he hugged Shinoda and left the stage.

Shinoda and band went right into “Hold It Together” from his new album Post Traumatic. After a couple more songs, he took a minute to recognize Philly and their acceptance and passion for both him and his earlier days with Linkin Park. He went on to say, “I wanna take a second real quick and just say thank you to Philly, and I have a lot of great memories here and one is called the Theater of Living Arts. Is that the TLA? I remember coming here a lot long time ago and might have been our first time to the city and we were six guys in an RV. We decided we got an RV and none of us knew how to drive it, and I remember the guys over the course of the first few days took turns driving… I remember driving around and getting into the city, and it was the early days, and I love the culture here. It is such a cool city. There was always something about it like being home. I always felt really comfortable here. Thank you guys.”

After the banter, he asked the crowd for a favor- to sing Chester’s part in “In The End.” It was a beautiful venue-wide singalong and ended with a chant of “CHESTER! CHESTER! CHESTER!” He did a few more songs and disappeared back stage. After a brief break, Shinoda and his band returned for the encore. Before the final song, he referred back to his Instagram story earlier in the day and asked if anyone saw it. The story was a black background with white type spelling out “surprises are coming.” He went on to mention how another artist was in town and decided to stop by. He introduced Grandson, and together they performed “Running From My Shadow” live for the first time. Quite a special surprise for all the fans in attendance.

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