Issues at 1904 Music Hall in Jacksonville, FL

Issues dealt with the hot and sweaty setting of this intimate venue and put on a mind-blowing show on a sweaty night in August.

Jacksonville, Florida was rainy and gloomy on the night of August 2nd. The only thing that wasn’t gloomy about this night was what was inside of the 1904 Music Hall as Issues was getting ready to grace the intimate venue with their presence as fans eagerly awaited their arrival. The venue itself was hot, everyone in the place could smell each other, but that didn’t stop the excitement for the headlining band. Three other local bands played before them to help set the stage for Tyler, AJ, Skylar, and Josh to come out and provide the best show they possibly could.

The band started with their hit song “Hooligans” which was never featured on an album, but yet is still a fan favorite. As soon as the whole band walked out, fans lost it. During the first song, the audience participation was powerful. The band even showed Duval County some love during and after the song by yelling out the famous Duval chants which were followed by the audience saying the same thing. From there, the energy was high level and there wasn’t a single person in that building that cared that they were sweating.

Stage presence is an essential aspect of any good show. Issues had an abundance of this on tap. Every single song that the band played kept the crowd energized and allowed several opportunities for the crowd to sing along. Tyler took any opportunity he could to get the crowd jumping up and down or opening a circle pit. That, in turn, would fire everyone back up.

Issues had a setlist that spanned from the band’s 2014 self-titled album to some of the material from their upcoming album like “Tapping Out,” which sounded even better live than the song did in the studio. Issues would take a breather while getting to know the crowd and were clearly very appreciative of all the support from the audience. The setlist had all of the hits like “Coma” and “Never Lose Your Flames,” while also touching on some of the material that hasn’t been heard live such as “The Realest.” The pacing was great and was mixed up with some of the band’s slower stuff for the audience to move to while jumping back into the heavy-groovy stuff to get the blood pumping again.

In conclusion, the set was great, the venue was hot and sweaty, and the audience was just as phenomenal. If you get the chance to see Issues live, then go. It is a show that is fun mixed with metal and groove. Every member has something to bring to the table. It’s clear to see that the band is finally in a place where they can be Issues. There is no stopping them.

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