Bring Me The Horizon at The Fillmore in Detroit, MI

Bring Me The Horizon wows= a sold-out crowd in Detroit with support from Thrice and Fever 333.

Fever 333 get the night started with an extremely high-energy set. “Burn It” has singer Jason Butler and guitarist Stephen Harrison running and jumping about the whole stage. Not sure who knew about this band prior to the show, but it doesn’t take long to grab all of their attention as they yell loudly and throw up their horns in appreciation. They keep the fans moving with “We’re Coming In” and the Grammy-nominated song “Made An America” that has many singing along. 

This band have been getting rave reviews over the last year for their killer live shows including several where Jason climbed scaffolding at major rock festivals. Tonight is no different with Jason making his way through the crowd and climbing up to the mezzanine level. He continues to keep the crowd enthralled as he later plays a drum solo barehanded. The band rip through the single “Trigger” and the radio hit “Walking in My Shoes” from their 2018 album, before closing out their set with “Hunting Season”. Expect to see and hear more great things from them in the future. They are a band destined to break out.

Next up is Thrice from California. They kick off their set with the new song “Only Us” before taking fans way back with the ripping tune “Silhouette” from the 2003 album The Artist in the Ambulance. They have been rocking since 1998, except for a hiatus for a few years earlier this decade before making a triumphant return with the 2016 release To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere. Several songs from it, including “Hurricane” and the huge radio hit “Black Honey,” have fans fired up. They can’t help but sing along to the familiar lines “I keep swingin’ my hand through a swarm of bees cause I, I want honey on my table.”

Their set draws from across several of their other releases including “Of Dust and Nations” from Vheissu and “Yellow Belly” from Major / Minor that serves to please the long-time fans. They transition seamlessly from driving hard rock to slow rockers, and occasionally a moderate-paced song. Singer / guitarist Dustin Kensrue is in great form tonight with clear vocals, yet showing emotion in his face as he lays down the riffs. A dialed in sound for the rest of the band including guitarist Teppei Teranishi along with cool lights makes for an awesome vibe. They close it out with “The Earth Will Shake.”

After a lengthy break, the fans have started getting a bit restless. It’s been almost two years since Bring Me The Horizon last came through Detroit. With a new album amo recently released, the fans are excited to hear some of the new songs live, as well as many of their other favorites. amo is a bit of a change of pace from prior releases with a bit more of a pop and electronic edge to it. Maybe that is what is behind the song choices being played between bands, like several from The Prodigy, that have many fans getting amped up to the driving electronic beats. They continue to push the boundaries of rock, and it seems to be working as they sell out show after show and expand their fanbase.

The lights dim and lead singer Oliver Sykes takes the stage to massive applause and cheers as he launches into “I Apologize If You Feel Something.” They follow that up with the Grammy-nominated rocker “Mantra” from the amo release which finds Oli leaping, spinning, and thrashing about, along with bassist Matt Kean who is also actively working the stage. If that wasn’t enough to ignite the fans, the blazing “The House of Wolves” from Sempiternal surely has as a mosh pit breaks out and crowd-surfing ensues.

Having many albums to pull from, they spread the setlist with hit after hit like “Avalanche,” “Sleepwalking,” and “Shadow Moses” that has the packed house going crazy. Touring in support of amo, they interleave some new songs throughout the set. “Wonderful Life” is one of the heavier new songs with a crunchy guitar riff. “Nihilist Blues” is one that is slanted more toward the electronic genre with a fast-paced beat and synths, but the fans still love it and respond with plenty of bouncing and cheers. However, it is the older, more familiar songs that garner the biggest response from the fans including “Happy Song,” “Can You Feel My Heart,” and “Follow You.”

As they wind down, they drop another new song, “Medicine,” before the floor erupts to the aggressive song “Antivist.”  The floor is now a mass of bouncing and surfing, along with fists and fingers being thrust into the air in unison as Oli sings the lyrics. Before leaving the stage, they play an acoustic version of “Drown” that has the crowd doing much of the singing. It is clear that these fans love Bring Me The Horizon.

They return to the stage and dive into “Doomed” with Oli leading the crowd with some clapping. This song has the stage lit in green with plenty of smoke. While being somewhat ill, Oli takes it in stride like a pro and plows through the soft and loud passages with conviction. The fans truly love him and give the energy right back throughout the show. Closing out the evening is “Throne” that has everyone on their feet, jumping up and down, waving, and singing out loud. To top it off they have several smoke cannons, as well as tons of confetti is sent flying over the crowd on the main floor. It is quite an ending to an awesome night of rock by three great bands.

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