Anvil at 172 in Las Vegas, NV

Anvil bring the Pounding the Pavement Tour to 172 in Las Vegas Nevada celebrating 42 years of metal.

In 2006 the documentary about Anvil was released. Thanks to this documentary many discovered this band who’s been around since 1973 while others got to rediscover them. Either way, the crowd in attendance at 172 tonight are ready to see some classic heavy metal. It is hard not to respect a band like Anvil because they have never given up. Sure there have been other things in their life but they keep playing the music they love for their fans and this is easy to see with each of their performances.

They are not slated to go on until 10:30 but being ready a little early they simply begin without any formality or needing to make the crowd wait.  Frontman Steve “Lips” Kudlow begins the show standing in the middle of the floor in front of the stage. The crowd quickly gets up from their tables and begins to crowd around him. They watch as he plays guitar and take selfies with him or with him in the background. This is a unique experience that this crowd loves. He speaks through his guitar both literally and figuratively, introducing Anvil stating they play heavy metal and play they do. While the crowd is gathered around Lips, the other original member of this three piece Robb (Robbo) Reiner (drums) plays with an intensity that is hard to beat. His speed in playing the double bass kit is impressive and leads the intensity of the music. Not to be outdone newest member Chris Robertson (bass) keeps time and moves around the small stage. Between the three of them it is hard to know where to look.

After the opening instrumental played from the floor, Lips takes the stage again and they launch into their full set. It is clear they love what they do and the crowd does as well. They play “March of the Crabs,” “666,” “Ooh Baby,” and “Doing What I Want.”  The set continues with a blistering speed and there are opportunities for bass and drum solos during “Winged Assassins” and “Swing Thing” respectively. The majority of the crowd seems very familiar with their catalog of music and those who aren’t are enjoying it all the same. It is hard not to enjoy a show when it is clear that the band are loving every minute of if. 

This small venue with its low stage and close space seems to be the right mix for the music and the energy for both the fans and the band. Situated in a casino, this is not what you expect to see but it is appreciated by those in attendance. They play a long set and the crowd loves every minute of it. Anvil is a band to see not only due to their history and music but also due to their love of performing. It is easy to see why they are respected by not only their fans but by their peers as well. If Anvil comes to your town go see this show you won’t be disappointed.

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