Villain by Attila

Attila’s long-awaited independently released album has finally arrived and it’s one incredible ride that can bring together all Attila fans new and old.

Be prepared to become a Villain as Attila are back with probably one of the best albums of this year for any metal fan. This album is the most polished point that the band could be in their career. Fans can rejoice no matter what kind of Attila fan they are because one of the best qualities of this album is that they draw from their entire catalog and combine every bit of their evolution and have placed it all in this new record. Lyrically, some of the messages in the songs are a different presentation than the Atlanta based band would normally deliver. It’s a huge and highly impressive step that Attila nailed perfectly.

“Perdition” is our introduction to Villain and as far as an intro goes, this was a perfect start and from there, this record is a perfect blend of different genres of rock and metal executed in Attila fashion. There are songs like the title track “Villain,” which is heavily influenced by the old school Attila, which the fans had been clamoring for, while also having songs like “It Is What It Is,” which is more like the newer evolution of Attila. Then there’s the likes of tracks like “Subhuman,” which is a candidate for the one of the most well-written Attila songs as of yet. “Toxic” is a notable track as well because it combines all the Attila influences into one track. Musically, it’s a great package of how far the band has come in their career and a beautiful mixture of it all.

The lyrics in this album are definitely what any familiar with the band’s previous work expect from an Attila record, but that is in no way a negative. This album is relatable because it’s for the person that goes through bad days more than others, those people that are judged, ridiculed, and those that need to find an outlet to express their frustrations, but it’s also for the ones that want to have a killer time and party. Villain is their voice. “Subhuman” is one of the most in depth songs they have ever written. The song strays away from the usual topics to talk about something more intimate. While being a great song musically, the lyrics really allow the listener to realize that even the people that play in front of millions struggle and are mortal. So, this album gives off a several emotions and that is a quality that is needed in truly great record. It’s fun, hype, cool, but also real.

Breakthroughs can come anytime for a band, this is the time for Attila. They have made something truly remarkable that showcases what the band can do and proves that the fire is still there. Villain is for fans new and old, but it will also be sure to gravitate towards new people as well. Rock, metal, and rap all combined so well in an independently released package. This is what Attila fans needed. These guys should be very proud of what they have made. 

Villain is out today, so go check it out for yourself. 

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