Victim of the New Disease by All That Remains

All That Remains are back with the most hard-hitting, painful, and beautiful record that honors the late Oli Herbert and shows the dedication that these guys have.

All That Remains are a band that needs no introduction. These guys have been around since the year 2002 with their debut album, Behind Silence & Solitude, and have continued to be a staple in the metal and rock community. All That Remains dealt with some troubles this past year with the death of their beloved guitarist Oli Herbert, but with the brand new album, Victim of the New Disease, his amazing talent is able to be captured one last time through this groundbreaking record. Nearly every song on this record will punch the listener in the face, and the album only slows down every so often in a few songs.

“F**k Love” is the opening track on the record, and the band could not have picked a better song to be the intro, being one of the singles, it was the perfect one to put at the beginning. Any fans that follow All That Remains heavily may be surprised at the sound of this new album, because if the intro song is anything to show for it, then clean vocals are minimized throughout the entire album. Like previously stated, the album is very heavy, but it also has the ability to bring together new and old fans alike. Victim of the New Disease is honestly a great summary of the band’s career, because the album takes influence from the band’s almost 20+ career and proceeds to compact all that influence together in an amazing 10-song record.

This album is a smash hit musically, mixing in very heavy music and then proceeding to go to a melodic chorus that catches anyone’s attention. “Wasteland” is a very good example of this, because it starts out very heavy and fast-paced with the gut-wrenching growls and high-pitched screams that are spread out all over this record, but then mixes it with a beautifully sung chorus. Now, they are very beautiful rock ballads in this album that provide a good balance to give the listener a little bit of variety. One example of this would have to be the song “Just Tell Me Something” that not only is a beautifully written song, but features vocals from one of modern rock’s most prominent bands, Asking Alexandria, and that feature is none other than Danny Worsnop. Other ballads on the record include “Everything’s Wrong” and “Alone in the Darkness. Most of the other songs on the album are for fans to bang their heads, workout at the gym, or possibly just releasing a nearby listening music.

Any fan of this band definitely should give this album listen. The passion and dedication in the band surely does show and one would be able to tell that the band worked very hard on creating this amazing record. All That Remains’ Oli would be proud of the last album be got to be a part of; it is right up there with the best music the band has produced. Rest in peace, and may your music live on through the hearts and ears of every metalhead.

Victim of the New Disease was released today so get your copy now.

Photo By: Kirstine Walton

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