Say Nothing by Theory

Theory returns with Say Nothing a deeply political and social album and their first release since their 2017 album Wake Up Call.

Canadian rock band Theory (of a Deadman) releases their seventh studio album since 2002, Say Nothing. When you first see the tracks listed on this album, you are curious as to what will be said. While the message seems clear, there is a lot of material that is clearly driven by the state of politics today and society in general. This is not a traditional rock album and is softer than many would expect but there are powerful messages and some interesting songs here.

The ten-track album opens with “Black Hole In Your Heart.”  This is an interesting way to open the album. Not only do the lyrics preview where this album is going but there is a very Shinedown feel to this song with singer Tyler Connolly really bringing about feelings of a Brent Smith vocal. From there, the album goes more into the sound that Theory is going with on this new release. The songs are slow and melodic but all tell a story and are deeply rooted in political and social issues. Songs like “History of Violence” have profound lyrics like “The city’s on fire” while others like “Affluenza” and “Say Nothing” make other statements about society and the social issues being faced at this time.

The songs are beautiful and they allow the lyrics to really shine. Track five “Strangers” focuses on the topic that we are all living like strangers and, by this point, you really see that the band wanted to create something with an important message with this album. The ten songs keep a similar sound as well as message, with the exception of “Ted Bundy” which musically reminds the listener a bit of Primus and the final track “It’s All Good” which has a bit of a country sound to it.

It is clear with this album that Theory is deeply concerned about the state of society today and they wanted to say something about it. The songs each have their own theme but they flow together into a bigger picture of the societal whole. The songs are profound and do not come across as preachy or politically biased. They are clearly more of just a commentary on what the band sees and feels.  

This is a thought-provoking album that allows the listener to think about these issues while enjoying the music. It does not come across as a sing-along rock album but more of an album with a purpose and a call to action evoking change, or at least critical thinking.

Say Nothing is released on January 31. You can order your copy here.


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