Hunter’s Moon by Delain

Symphonic, beautiful, and engaging – that’s just a sample of what you can expect from Delain’s soon to be released album, Hunter’s Moon.

Delain first formed in 2002 with the former Within Temptation keyboardist, Martijn Westerholt and they have been pumping out music ever since their independently-released demo, Amenity. Westerholt and Charlotte Wessels have managed to bring a powerful operatic sound that you normally wouldn’t hear behind the ordinary metal-type instruments. This trend continues with the band’s (what the band refers to as) prelude album. It contains 14 tracks in total with four of those tracks being brand new songs that do a wonderful job of sampling what the band has been working on for a future studio album. This compilation will be titled Hunter’s Moon.

The first new track on the record is “Masters of Destiny.” This is a perfect track to pick as the opener as it showcases everything the band is about, including beautifully well thought out intros, powerful instrumentals behind the vocals, and the music video does a great job of catching the imagery of all this hard work and mixing in the well put together music from Delain. “Hunter’s Moon,” which is the title track of the album, fuels this fire with the same elements, but they are arranged differently. This track starts off with a beautiful beginning and the listener is slammed with double bass and chunky riffs, but then goes into Charlotte’s memorizing vocals and the song does a great job of delivering a lyrical masterpiece, which is fun and bouncy at the same time.

“Silence is Mine,” which is the third and shortest new song on the record, really highlights the talents of the instrumentalists and is definitely one of the more heavier driven songs on the record. The last final new song on the EP is titled “Art Kills” and it follows the same path that the previous new songs have taken, but in a sense, combines what made the other three songs great. Every new song on this record is a masterpiece and is composed with time and patience. That is evident throughout.

Remaining on Hunter’s Moon is 10 tracks of the band performing live. The power behind Delain isn’t just in the studio, but they manage to bring that sound straight to the stage for their fans. Every single live song does justice to the studio versions. No band member during any of these live songs lacks energy and deliver every bit that they can to the crowd. If you are a Delain fan and have never got to hear the songs live, this album is a great way to get all the energy this band brings, wrapped up in one symphonic package.

Be sure to catch them on tour in the USA when they come around from September 19 through October 21.

Hunter’s Moon releases February 22, 2019 via Napalm Records.

Photo By: Sandra Ludewig

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