Holy Hell by Architects

Architects, in the span of more than a decade, have shown that metalcore is not dead, it is just evolving. They are right there along with the evolution.

Forming in 2006, Architects have managed to go from the underground of Brighton, East Sussex to playing shows all over the world. They have toured extensively with very well known bands. Their hard work isn’t over yet, as the brand new album, which is released November 9, proves this. By far, this is the band’s most illustrious creation in their entire career. The emotions and heart that they put into Holy Hell is heard all through the music and can prove that evolution will by no means hurt anyone, especially Architects.

Evolution is a very big part of an artist’s step into rising in the music industry. Architects continue to evolve and continue in taking a step in the right direction. Their brand new album is all the evidence you would need to hear to know that this group knows the direction they are going and they plan to take it to the fullest of their abilities. Starting out heavy and very power driven, Architects have taken that sound and mixed it in with a more modern approach.

This album starts out very strong with the album’s first track, “Death Is Not Defeat,” which is a very fitting intro for the album, as the message overall is about not being torn down and to not let anything be granted defeat. The loud powerful vocals mixed in with melodic and heavy music just mesh together so well. The album does well to venture through all of the band’s sounds from previous work and allow that to bleed into the band’s new direction.

Plain and simple, Holy Hell is metal and rock. The verses always go hand and hand with the chorus and the listener can expect nearly every song to have a breakdown that is guaranteed to melt some faces off. “Mortal After All” is one of the tracks that stand out on this record because it is definitely one of the heaviest, starting out with a chunky riff and not stopping until the very end. Each track has its own defining sound and has that special something that makes it unique. Songs like “Royal Beggars” and the title track “Holy Hell” are ones that allow this element to shine through

The overall tone of this message is great too. The lyrics are very relatable to anyone who listens to this record. Behind the screaming vocals and the amazing music, there is a message of positivity that at least one person in the world needs to hear, whether it’s people in our lives tearing us down, our own mentality, or smaller things that get to us. “A Wasted Hymn”, which is the outro song on the record, shows just how deep these messages and feelings can go behind powerful music.

Architects have managed to outdo themselves on this record, and they prove that evolution is a wonderful thing and that it can be done with life experiences, dedication, and hard work. Passion is all over this record and Holy Hell will for sure bring out the passion in all of their fans. Through a 10+ year career, Architects continue to architecturally beat the odds.

Holy Hell tracklist:

  1. Death Is Not Defeat
  2. Hereafter
  3. Mortal After All
  4. Holy Hell
  5. Damnation
  6. Royal Beggars
  7. Modern Misery
  8. Dying To Heal
  9. The Seventh Circle
  10. Doomsday
  11. A Wasted Hymn

Photo By: Ed Mason

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