Hey! Merry Christmas! by The Mavericks

The Mavericks have created an album about the holidays, bringing true joy to everyone and every elf!

Christmas time is such a wonderful time of the year. You have families, good food, and overall just amazing quality time. Obviously, one of the most prominent parts of the Christmas festivities is the music. The Mavericks are one band that has taken part in releasing an amazing Christmas record. If you are familiar with their music, you know to expect something out of the ordinary, and that is just what they did with their latest album, Hey! Merry Christmas!

Coming straight out of the gate with the intro song, “Christmas Time is (Comin’ ‘Round Again).” If you enjoy Christmas music, you will definitely enjoy this one. This is well-balanced Christmas album, with softer songs talking about being with loved ones on Christmas, to just enjoying being with family and being jolly during the holidays. The Mavericks tend to capture every aspect that they need to in order to make the holiday more cheerful for people listening to the album. These guys have been doing music for a very long time, so you know whether it is a regular album or specialty album like this one here you’re in for a treat. This album does a great job of taking all the Christmas references that everyone should know and putting them into a fun song that everyone would definitely want to sing along to. This is an album for all of the family.

This album is fun, plain and simple. With the album having a few slow songs, it is overwhelmed with joyous notes, catchy choruses, and all sorts of instruments that would want to make you dance around to spread the Christmas joy. One of the most lyrically fun songs in the album would have to be “Santa Wants to Take You for a Ride” because this song talks about all the wonderful things that the jolly ol’ St. Nick wants to do for everyone at Christmas, with great music following behind the lyrics.

Overall, this is an extremely fun album that should be listened to for many holidays to come. It’s definitely nice to have some good original Christmas music when all the other Christmas songs out there can often be overplayed. The Mavericks give a new take and make some very well put together modern Christmas music. Every song is a blast, every some is filled with love, and every single song is guaranteed to get your Christmas spirit pumping in overdrive. After having many top hits and Grammy wins, the Mavericks show that they are still very simple-minded and enjoy the holidays like everyone else. This is one of the very first Christmas albums that has released in a while that truly has the spirit of Christmas involved.

Hey! Merry Christmas! is out now for you to enjoy the festive cheer. 

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