Hear Me Out by Reignwolf

Reignwolf have had a rapid rise for several years, but they were missing one thing. Their highly anticipated seven-year debut Hear Me Out is out now.

Hear Me Out is a masterpiece. As a matter of fact, every song has something special to bring to the table. The emotion that you feel throughout the entirety of this album is constant. From the vocals all the way to the instrument, the best is given. Reignwolf had a lot to express and they have managed to capture it all in this album. All the way from the first song “Black and Red” to the beautiful last song “Wolf River,” there are plenty of musical and emotional reasons to sink all teeth into this record.

Musically, this will not be what the normal listener expects to hear. This record is heavy in its own right, but not in the form of heavy music. The heaviness that is referred to here is just how much time you can tell was taken to craft each song to perfection just as Reignwolf would want it to sound, followed by the emotion that is poured out. “Wanna Don’t Wanna” is one song that manages to stand out on the record, as the music and vocals just blend so well together it gives you chills and in a distinct way, the song manages to pay homage to the artist that helped inspire them.  As far as genres go, Hear Me Out is all over the place, the album has everything from rock, rockabilly, blues, and even a few traces of grunge like in the track previously mentioned.

This album is a beautiful mystery lyrically. While some of the songs are very straight forward in the messages that they are trying to portray like songs such as “Over and Over” and “Son of a Gun,” while other songs can be up to the listener to determine the meaning of the song. For example, “Ritual” is wide open and there are several messages that can stem from that track alone. An album that can achieve this is truly remarkable; this allows the listener to get lost in the album.

Reignwolf are an underrated band that deserves recognition for the hard work they have done. They have allowed everyone that listens to this album to hear them out. It’s not generic music that the band has produced; they dip into all sorts of genres and experiment with many different sounds, vocal types, and instruments. This approach to making an album could be a risk for some groups. Reignwolf took that chance, and the risk has paid off. This debut was a long time coming for the group, taking them a whopping 7 years, but it was certainly worth the wait.

Hear Me Out is out now on all formats.

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