Controlled Chaos by Nita Strauss

Nita Strauss delivers an album that showcases the music, and shows that you can have a voice without speaking, but playing instruments.

Nita Strauss needs no introduction, her work does all of the talking for her. After you have worked with some of the most legendary and popular bands in metal and rock, such as Alice Cooper, a role that Nita has had since, where does she go from there? Well, in March of this year, she setup a Kickstarter campaign and actually shattered the goal. That Kickstarter resulted in the brand new album, Controlled Chaos, which is the perfect showcase for Nita to make her solo debut. After working so hard, she finally gets something of her own that is absolutely amazing.

Right off the bat, one thing to notice is that there are no vocals. While that might be unusual, vocals are not a necessity for this album at all. Nita’s guitar does all the singing needed. Every single song is an explosive ride and takes the listener on a journey to appreciate just how perfectly crafted every instrumentation is constructed. While listening to Controlled Chaos, one realizes just how important and powerful guitar solos, drums, and bass can be alone. The emotion that is felt through someone’s voice is felt on this album, but in a different way. Nita feels every single note she plays and because of that passion she allows her fans to feel the exact same thing and you can easily get lost in just how beautifully composed everything is. Controlled Chaos also features violins, pianos, and with all that intertwined it adds so much more depth to each song.

Most of the songs are very hard-hitting, but the album maintains a great balance of metal and ballads. Starting off, the intro track, “Prepare For War,” is very short, but is a great way to let you know just how good this is going to be. “Alegria” is one song, in particular, that is very fast-paced, and really showcases just how fast Nita can shred, but it also mixes in these melodies that allows the listener to feel the electricity. “Here With You” changes the vibe up a bit as it is a beautiful ballad with amazing picking and overall great feel.  The softer side of Nita can clearly be heard. One of the most notable tracks on the record would have to be “Hope Grows” because it’s a great mixture of good rock n’ roll with a slower classic rock vibe. Although, the reason it stands out is because it starts out with a great intro with a piano that leads into the song itself, and constantly builds up. It is also a great example of feeling the emotion without vocals because the listener is able to feel hope growing in that song and it could lift anyone up if they are down.

Controlled Chaos is an instant classic by far. She stepped out and achieved something on her own and this album is the best step she could have taken. From hard-rocking fast solos to picking an acoustic on slower ballads, the strength in this album is real. It’s powerful and it speaks volumes. Music lovers, in general, will be absolutely astonished by the contents of this album.

Controlled Chaos is out today so get your copy now.

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